Writing and Social Media: The Ultimate Balancing Act

Sydney Logan Author
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Sydney Logan Author

Writing and Social Media: The Ultimate Balancing Act

Guest Post by Sydney Logan

The Social Network is one of my favorite movies, but it’s also one of the best ways to interact with readers. There is no better way to reach the masses than by maintaining a steady presence on social media. There are countless ways to stay connected—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr—and finding time to balance writing with social networking can be an exhausting task. For me, it’s impossible to be active on all the various social networks and do it well. One of the best pieces of advice I received early in publishing was to find a few social media sites that I was comfortable with and really focus on them, so that’s what I’ve done.

I started with Twitter and Facebook, because I was already comfortable with them and knew my way around their sites without having to watch a YouTube tutorial (which is another great way to network, by the way). Then I focused on my website. Some authors choose to make a separate website for their blog, but I decided to just make my blog its own tab on my official site. Everything is in one place, which I think makes it easier for my followers. Anything I post on my website automatically posts to my Twitter, which then posts to my Facebook. Talk about a time saver. I’ve posted once, and by doing so, I’ve hit three different social networks. I also schedule Tweets to go out during the overnight hours by using a tweet scheduler called Twuffer.

Within the past year, I’ve added another social network to my list. I signed up for Triberr, which is a place to share blog posts of fellow authors/bloggers. I share their blog posts on Twitter and/or Facebook, they share mine, and it’s a mutually beneficial relationship that helps us reach people we may have never met otherwise.

It is important, however, to balance your social interactions with writing. It can be tough, especially as you write more books, because there will always be another book to promote or an event to mention. There will always be messages to answer or posts to share. As a writer, you have to find a happy medium that leaves time for both writing and interaction.

Authors, which social networks do you use on a regular basis? If you’re a reader, which social platform do you use most to stay connected to your favorite authors? I look forward to reading your comments!







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