Your Home Is A Massive Pest Magnet: Here’s Why

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While you no doubt love animals, when hundreds of pests move into your home, it is a cause for concern. Critters not only damage your property, but they also have a habit of spreading disease and creating a mess. Preventing them from getting into the house, therefore, should be a top priority. 

But what is it that is attracting these naughty critters? And is there anything that you can do about it? 

Here’s a list of all the things in your home that make it more likely that pests will move in. 

You Leave Dirty Dishes In The Sink

Dirty dishes are a massive magnet for pests. Remember, most creatures barely eke out a living in the wild. There’s very little food around. So when they find a pile of dishes with lots of tasty leftovers, it sends them into a feeding frenzy. What’s more, they’re often willing to take considerable risks to get their mitts on the food, even if it means breaking into where the humans live. 

Do yourself a favor – don’t leave leftover dirty plates by the sink or anywhere in your home. Rats, mice, and all sorts of other creatures will eventually sniff it out and start munching on it.

You’re Overdoing It With The Birdseed

Many of us like to feed the birds, especially when their natural sources of food run low. But birdseed can also make pest control difficult. Moths, for instance, will often feed on seeds that you leave out and use the energy to produce more offspring. Homeowners can often bring back a massive bag of birdseed, only to find themselves inundated a couple of weeks later by a plaque of flying insects. 

You’re Not Using All The Drains In Your Home Regularly

Most of the time, critters can’t set up their homes in your drain pipes. Regular draining and flushing wash them away. But if you have plugholes you don’t use regularly, then creatures like drain flies can move in. These critters love making their nests in the bundle of soap and hair that you find in many drain pipes. It makes an excellent place for them to lay their eggs and, sometimes, provide food for their offspring. So grab your plunger and get rid of the blockage.

You Have Mountains Of Scrap Paper

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Believe it or not, but scrap paper is also a magnet for pests. Cockroaches and silverfish can both derive energy from scraps of old mail or newspapers, allowing them to grow and multiply. 

You Haven’t Installed Any Fans

Macro flyPixabay – CC0 License

Fans are a significant pest deterrent. The reason for this has to do with the conditions that they create for flying insects. At human scales, fans provide a pleasant breeze. But at the level of flies, they create turbulence. Flying insects feel out of control and leave the area, looking for calmer places to go about their business. Thus fans don’t “blow insects” away. But they do discourage them from hanging around. That’s nice to know on a hot summer’s evening when you can hear an annoying buzzing noise! 

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