Your Practical Guide to Fake Urine

fake urine

In a world where we have fake limbs, artificial joints, and synthetic hair utilized for various purposes, it is not surprising that many companies manufacture fake urine. It is more commonly referred to as synthetic urine, and chemists carefully manufacture it in the lab. Artificial urine samples may come in transparent plastic bottles or discreet packaging, but the liquid resembles human urine. It has the same viscosity and a pale yellow appearance. Due to the striking similarities, many people mistake it for human urine. However, synthetic urine is most similar to the urine of a perfectly healthy human, who has an excellent digestive system, stays adequately hydrated, and does not consume drugs. If you saw the fake pee sample in a laboratory or any other avenue, you would not be able to tell the difference.

Learning about the composition of fake urine will ensure that you buy an ideal sample if you are looking for one. It will also guide you on purchasing, maintaining, storing, and using the sample effectively.

What Does Synthetic Urine Entail?

Because experts have to ensure that the end-product is not identifiable from human urine, they run several tests. It results in the addition of thousands of ingredients in a small bottle of synthetic urine. These include powdered compounds like potassium chloride and sodium chloride. Creatine and Urea are also essential substances because they are primarily present in human urine. People also add a quantity of Albumin powder. Once the powdered form is ready, they add distilled water to dissolve it. It is mandatory that the water is pure because distillation eliminates unnecessary minerals and impurities like dirt, microbes, and toxins.

The Temperature and PH of Fake Urine

Artificial or manufactured pee is also synonymous with human urine when it comes to temperature and PH measures. Both of these values should be stable and well within the normal range. The PH level should be between 5-7 because urine is slightly acidic due to uric acid and other low-PH compounds. You can use a litmus paper to confirm that your sample has an expected PH value.

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 Urine is also slightly warm because its temperature value is ordinarily identical to an individual’s body temperature. Hence, an adequate urine sample would have a warmth of 38? or 98.6?. If you purchase it from an excellent store, you will also receive a thermometer, heating and cooling pads, and a temperature guide. It will help you maintain or retain the heat.

Uses of Synthetic Urine

The most common use of fake urine that most people are familiar with is passing a drug test. Sometimes, your company requires you to take a drug test before joining, and you are in the process of getting your life together. Fulfilling the urgent requirement can be arduous because many people resort to a fewer quantity of drugs to help them detox. In such scenarios, passing the test using a fake sample can alleviate worries and help you keep your job. 

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