How Lighting Can Make Or Break Your Home’s Interior

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Regardless of the amount of time that you spend on mapping out the way in which your home will flow from a design perspective, the styles and themes you choose or the material that you decide upon, the lighting choice that you make can make or break the entire design. 

Few of us realise just how important the lighting choices we make really are. Not only is this an important consideration to make, it is something that should be planned out with the design of the room or space. If you treat lighting as being complimentary or a secondary thought then you will certainly increase the likelihood of making the wrong choice. Making that wrong choice could be enough to take some of that style away from what you have planned out with furniture, colour scheme and the materials which you have chosen. Here is why lighting should be taken seriously when you remodel the property. 

Highlighting Features

If you think about the way that a museum would use lightbulbs on the pieces in the exhibition, used to highlight and bring attention to the works, this has the same effect on your home and its style. We can use lighting to highlight different areas and style features in the room, to really bring our designs to life. This is the same in every room in the home too, consider the bathroom with brightly lit mirrors, calling your attention to this large feature in the room. Visit Clearlight Designs for lighted mirrors and you’ll see for yourself what we mean here. Getting that light perfectly placed is critical to making sure that people look at the real style features in the property. 

Scaling The Room 

Something which many of us struggle with when we are designing rooms in the home is space. For some there will be a small space that they are trying to make appear more voluminous, for others it is a large space that they are trying to break up in order to feel more cosy. In either of these two cases lighting is absolutely critical to achieving the overall effect of spaciousness. When you think about art, we understand clearly what the power of light and dark can do, and what impression they can give off. This is the key here, the impression that lighting can create. Scale is a perception and it is light and dark which creates that. 

Mood of a Room

Most rooms in the home are multi-functional and for those kind of rooms we need to have lighting options which in the flick of switch can change the mood. Imagine a room with bright white ceiling lights and 3 lamps with orange bulbs. Now imagine switching from one to the other and picture the change in the scene that this would have. In an instant you’d change from being in a room that was lively and vibrant, to one which becomes a cosy place to snuggle up and relax. This is the power that lighting can have on your home, and on the design that your home has. 

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On Its Own

And finally it is important that we no longer think of lighting as just something that compliments the room, but as something which is a key feature inside the space. In recent years we have seen trends very much shifting in this regard, especially when it comes to lampshades. These have changed from being just accessories to blind the glare of the bulb, to being themed pieces on their own which work in conjunction with the style and the materials which are used in the rest of the room. Lighting is just as important as the paintwork, the wallpaper, the accessories or the furniture in the room, and as we know, if you get any of those wrong, it could make or break the room’s style. The same can be said about the way that you incorporate lighting into the property. 

If you are mapping out some ideas to redecorate your room, make sure that lighting choices are a key part of those plans, its importance cannot be understated for a second.

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