7 Must-Have Alluring Accessories For Your Living Room

Imagine a living room with no accessories. Boring right? Your living room is an essential part of your home. It is where you relax and unwind. It is also the first, and in most cases, the only area visiting guests encounter when they visit your home. Therefore, it is essential to accessorize it appropriately to give it a homely feel. This article covers some seven must-have accessories your living needs!

1. Plants

Plants are a great living room accessory. They add colour and liven up your space. Your options when using plants are limitless. If you are an active person, you could consider having real plants. These require you to actively water and fertilize them to keep them alive. You can use artificial plants if you are not up to the challenge. Artificial plants are as great as real ones, only with less responsibility. You have many arrangement options, such as using plant pots or making a plant stand. A plant stand will serve a functional purpose in your living room and equally add to its beauty. 

2. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a functional and aesthetic accessory. You could use them to rest your back and as a decorative piece. Floral throw pillows can be used to add a spice of colour in a dull themed room. Similarly, you can use flat coloured pillows to tone down if your room is brightly painted. Throw pillows come in an array of sizes and shapes. You can use them on a couch, on the ground, or on top of other living room furniture. Some throw pillows also have strong messages and serve as statement pieces. It is essential to know why you want to use throw pillows to guide you on exactly which ones choose.

3. Photographs

Photographs and wall art are another living room accessory that you can never go wrong using. They may range from family portraits to unexplainable wall paintings. You could play around with different textures such as wood and canvas. An outstanding accessory under this category would be a family canvas print. The print can be either a single or a continuous photo is separated pieces. Consider using wall art and paintings to brighten your space if it is dull or as a form of artistic expression.

4. Rugs

You shouldn’t leave your floor behind in your accessorizing journey. Rugs are a great way to do this. Some things to consider while choosing your living room rugs are your desired effect, the size, shape, colour, and texture. Also, think about the cost as some textures, such as original fur, maybe too expensive than faux fur. Make sure you use comfortable rugs. They should also not be too slippery against your floor to prevent accidents.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors don’t lie. Make sure you use some in your living room. Mirrors are a great accessory, especially if your living room is small. They give an impression of space and will make your room appear larger than it is. Like plants, you have unlimited options when it comes to these. A commonly used type is the carved mirrors. You can, however, use different shapes and sizes to suit your liking. Input some creativity by using lights around your mirrors. You can also use them singularly or creatively arranged if multiple. A tip is to not place mirrors parallel to each other in the living room as they produce an infinite number of reflections, which may be scary.

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6. Wall Clock

Wall clocks are another thing that should not be left behind. These have been found in living rooms since way back. However, their role has evolved over the years from being functional in telling time to be used as decorative pieces. Vintage clocks are one of the most famous watches to use. However, ensure that the clock pieces you choose go with your theme.

7. Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are another must-have accessory in your living room, and no, they are not just used for coffee. Your tables can range from simple minimalist designs to sophisticated, expensive design based on your need and budget. Regardless of what you go for, a well-selected coffee table will give your room life and add a touch of class to your living room. They are also functional, and you can use them to fill up space and hold other decorative items. So yes, coffee tables are a must-have.

Accessorizing your living room serves aesthetic as well as functional purposes. It is, therefore, not just a want but a need. Ensure you do proper research to ensure you pick out items that fit you just right, go well with your overall theme and bring out the desired effect.

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