10 Really Interesting Board Games For College Students

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Playing board games is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time after classes. It is fun, relaxing, and might help you find new friends. But what board games should you choose to enjoy playing? We’ve collected the best alternatives for college students right in this post. 

But what if you have no time for board games but still want to start playing? The good news is that you can get your papers done by one of the writing services and have more free time for your hobbies. No worries, you are not alone. Thousands of students are bombarding these platforms with the same question “Can you do my homework for me?” By the way, it is also necessary to read essay services reviews before placing the orders. This way, you will get a top-notch paper within the shortest terms and will be able to play as much time as you want. Feel free to choose one of these board games for having an amazing time.


This traditional board game is one of our favorites. Everyone knows the rules, so it will be comfortable for new players to join your game. Not to mention, Scrabble has been popular for over hundred of years! 


This game is for those who love fast-paced options. Just choose the character you like the most and start playing. This one will be surely interesting for people of all ages. Therefore, you can play it with your classmates and parents on holiday. 


This one is a well-known strategy game that will make you think hard. By the way, it has a Game of Thrones edition for the fans of the popular movie. Moreover, the game can boast of having other popular editions, so you easily make your gaming experience more diverse. 

Connect four

This item will make your game loud and extremely fun. It is bright, colorful, and simply amazing. The rules are simple and completely understandable. The number of players may vary from two to five. Therefore, Connect Four is a perfect fit for a small group of mates. 

Forbidden Island

Discover the sacred treasures with your friends when playing this fantastic board game. All of them are hidden on a forbidden island. The game is a brilliant alternative for gaining various skills in teamwork. The secret truth is that you will not be able to win until you all make wise decisions and play together using the same strategy. 

The Game of Life

This game will help you learn how to make real-life decisions faster. It also boosts the analytical skills of the players. Anyway, this item is a must-have alternative in your collection of board games. 


This one is an extremely addictive game. Therefore, make sure you have at least a couple of hours of free time. You will become scientists who need to save the entire world. Just try to stop pandemic the sooner, the better. 

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This game is a perfect option to play with your roommate or in a group of four. Gloom will make you laugh for minutes! It’s just the funniest game from our list of board games. 

Tiki Topple

Tiki Topple is another addictive game that will make you play it again and again. It is a fast-paced, entertaining, and simple game for a big company of friends. You will need to create secret combinations to become a winner (your friends will try to do that, too!)


This board game is not a noisy one. In case you are feeling tired after classes and just want to unwind, Othello will help you relax and play in a calm and easy atmosphere. 

There are plenty of other board games you can purchase online. Feel free to choose your favorite genre and dive into the world of board games with your friends and classmates. 

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