10 Useful Home Upgrades You Haven’t Considered

10 Useful Home Upgrades You Haven't Considered

Has your home been feeling a little dull lately? Maybe it’s out of date, or maybe it only needs an easy refresh. Whatever your home needs, this is your official sign from the home improvement universe that it’s time to start that project.

But where should you start? There are hundreds of home upgrades you can use to improve your space. So before you swing the hammer, check out these ten home projects that can raise your home value and update its style.

1. Don’t Count Out a Fresh Coat of Paint

You don’t always need to a huge project to change the look of your home. A fresh coat of paint can be transformative both inside and out.

Try painting the exterior of your home in an attractive neutral tone. Black is trendy, while white is a classic. Add pops of color on the doors, shutters, and any window boxes.

Inside, you can go for neutrals or bolds. But if you want a custom look, try painting a mural on a feature wall.

2. Flip the Foyer

The foyer is a great place for first impressions, so don’t neglect this small space. Wow all your guests with a well-designed entryway that gives a hint to the rest of your design.

Start with creating interest on the walls with a fun color or an easy-to-install wallpaper. Add lighting with a chandelier and maybe a table or floor lamp.

Next, put in a few statement pieces of furniture like a bench and a console table. Then finish with decor like a large mirror, photos, and colorful vases.

3. Go Bold in the Kitchen

As the center of the home, the kitchen should be a fun place to feel inspired to create new dishes. So here is where you can take a few design risks to go bold in the kitchen.

Opt for cabinets in a non-traditional color like a shade of blue, green, or even yellow and orange. Or, if you like traditional cabinets but still want color, use the backsplash.

Bright colors and unique shapes for tiles will make your home stand out from the crowd and look professionally- and custom-designed.

4. Install Eco-Friendly Insulation

What good is a well-designed home that’s miserable to live in? Too hot or too cold, no one likes to live in the extremes.

Instead, you can install eco-friendly insulation for an average of $6-$8 per square foot. Add insulation to floors, so hardwood floors aren’t freezing in the morning.

Or put insulation in the walls to help regulate the temperature inside, no matter what the weather is outside.

5. Find More Space

Your home might have some hidden space you didn’t even know about; you just need to find it.

First, go up to the attic. If you have an unfinished loft, you may want to consider loft boarding to get more storage space. Take a peek at the advantages (here’s a hint: improve your home value).

Then, go down to the basement. Once you clear out the spiders and donate the content of a few boxes, you may find a new area where you can hang out with your friends and family.

6. All In the Details

You don’t always need major changes to make a big difference. Sometimes a collection of smaller details can add up to a gorgeous home. Start by replacing the hardware on kitchen cabinets, doors, and furniture drawers.

Then try adding new art to the walls, new lighting accents, and decor features like rugs. On their own, you may not notice the change, but together they can make an impact. 

7. Revive the Outside

Don’t stop with the inside of your home; take your renovations to the outside as well. An outdoor living space can increase property value quickly and easily. And the best part is that many changes can be DIY projects.

Try an updated landscape with new flowers, plants, or even a vegetable garden. Lush greenery will make your backyard feel like a personal oasis.

Then revive the outside with an updated patio or deck space. Include a comfortable sitting area, a fire pit, an outdoor dining area, and even an outdoor kitchen.

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8. Create a Bathroom Oasis

Your bathroom is a place where you can relax from the stressors of your day. And this is a space that can make a home value skyrocket. So if you’re planning a major renovation, you should pay some attention to the bathroom.

Upgrade your shower with new tiles and fixtures. Add a soaking tub that feels like you’re in a spa. Put in some storage for your bath products and towels (hint: try a heated towel rack!).

Update the sink and vanity by adding a new mirror, backsplash tiles, and stone countertops.

9. Update the Bathroom Vent Fan

This might not be one of the most fun upgrades, but it’s still important for a comfortable living environment. If you’re creating a bathroom oasis, the last thing you want is for it to be covered in mold.

Install a ventilating fan that can prevent moisture build-up that leads to mold and mildew growth. This is a much simpler fix than removing mold from inside the walls.

10. Programable Thermostat

Now that your home looks gorgeous and you’ve raised the home value, it’s time to customize the living space. Install a programmable thermostat to create the environment that’s most comfortable for you and your family.

Digital thermostat technology can help you save money on your energy bills, even if they’re a larger cost upfront.

And some of the most advanced thermostats can control the temperature in different rooms. So if you like it warm, but your kids like it cool, everyone can go to bed happy.

Transform Your Space with These Home Upgrades

Your home should be a private paradise retreat. Whether you want to create updates for you to enjoy or increase your property value, it’s probably time to consider a home transformation.

There are some home upgrades that will offer you more of a return on the money you put in on the renovations. You’ll also find some aesthetic changes that can make your home feel like it’s right off the pages of a design magazine.

Whichever updates you choose, use these ten home upgrade ideas to inspire you. Looking for more inspiration? Check out more of our home articles today!

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