The Screen Addict- How to Cut Down on your Screen Time?

Screen time

In the current times, practically every person owns a smartphone. Our dependability on gadgets, especially the mobile phone, is peaking and converting us to virtual beings from human beings. Dining in a restaurant has become more about documenting the whole meal on your phones. Be it clicking that perfect selfie to clicking a million pictures of the food you ordered before actually eating it!  

The benefit of connectivity that a loved one is just a click away, even if they are physically 1000 miles away, is a wonder. The power of the internet and the presence of gadgets has provided us the strength to unite in these tough pandemic times and come together as the world’s citizens. 

The palm-sized device, also known as the mobile phone, holds all your plans, secrets, essential information, and social engagements. Be it spending hours on Instagram and Facebook, or spending your time on a shopping app scouting for that perfect outfit, or depending on your fitness app and calorie watch to keep your health in check to the app that reminds you to drink water regularly. Studies have proven that the time spent on the phone affects mental health and the efficiency of the mind to work and function daily. 

Screen time

Let us explore some activities that do not require any gadgets and integrate them into our daily routines that can help you subtract your screen time. 

Cut your habit

Make a conscious effort to spend some time without your phone. Cultivate the habit of leaving your phone when not required. Be mindful of the time and instances in your daily routine where you are using your phone just because you are so used to surfing the net endlessly and aimlessly. For example, leave it before you enter the bathroom, instead carry a magazine/the newspaper. The most common habit that probably all of us have is to check our phone the minute our eyes open in the morning, DO NOT DO THIS! Wake up, do some basic breathing exercises, hydrate, and start your day on a positive note. 

The Alarm

Do you have your daily alarm set on your phone? Break this habit, go old school, and invest in one of those retro table-side mini clocks or a digital watch. An alarm clock that is not on your mobile phone will automatically mean that you do not see your phone the first thing when you wake up! 

Alarm clock
Exercise and meditate

 Add a quick workout once in your day to release those happy hormones, and a relaxing meditation session at the end of your day to improve the quality of your life. You will end up spending a minimum of an hour away from your phone due to this routine bringing calmness and balance to your mind and body. 

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Add a hobby or an activity

Instead of wasting your time on a social media app or a gaming app, why don’t you pick up that book you have wanted to read for a long time? Integrate an activity that you have enjoyed, like painting, dancing, reading, running, or spend time outdoors. Be actively responsible for the time that you spend on your phone. 

Spend time with your loved ones

The next time you go out for a meal with your friends, keep your phone aside. Spend an evening playing board games over milkshakes and some snacks with your family. Spending time with your loved ones will keep you engrossed, away from your phones, and generate a sense of togetherness. 


It is up to us to limit our screen time and utilize our time optimally to increase productivity. Cut your screen time and find the forgotten facets of human life that you may be missing in the virtual bubble.

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