3 Tech Items You Should Be Looking At Right Now

3 Tech Items You Should Be Looking At Right Now

When it comes to technology, it really is better to invest a little bit more and buy the best. If you have specific needs for your gadgets, you don’t want to be compromising in any way and only get 50% out of something when you really need better. Sure, a budget is important, and you can only get what you can afford, but it’s always better to wait a little longer and save a bit more if you can to get an item truly worth it rather than getting something mediocre for a quick fix that you’ll probably end up replacing anyway. 

Here are some of the best pieces of tech this year which are worth every dollar. 

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

You’re either pro-Samsung or you’re not (Team iPhone, that means you) but there’s no denying the power and quality of this phone model. If you’re looking to invest in a new smartphone pretty soon, then this is one of the top models of the year and has raving customer reviews. This new model has a low-light camera feature which is increasingly popular – and is actually the selling point which is getting most shouted about – along with its gloriously impressive ‘infinity’ screen, adding to the overall sleek and attractive design. 

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If you’d love to get your hands on this top of the range model, but simply can’t afford the top end price, never fear – Amazon Prime day deals mean you can grab nifty handset deals for a lot less than their original selling price.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro

As with the battle of the phones, it’s usually when choosing a laptop to either be a fan of the MacBook or prefer a different model altogether. This Huawei model is here to knock the MacBook right out of the park. Reviews of this laptop have confirmed that it is more powerful than the MacBook, for a much smaller price tag – which is always a bonus, of course.
Its top of the range components means it’s brilliant at running the programs you need at top speed. It also has a superb battery life and full HD capabilities.

The ultra-thin size is also a winner, meaning it’s ridiculously easy to transport around if needed, without weighing you down. It just looks good, with its stunning screen and sleek design.

The Moov Now Fitness Tracker

If you haven’t seen this particular piece of tech before, prepare to be amazed to discover that it doesn’t have a screen. This could be an instant no-no for most people who want a fitness tracker to trace their every move, breath and heartbeat with the aid of a visual representation, but give it a chance – because this gadget is ridiculously cheap and still does everything you need it to, with a phenomenal battery life… of six months!

This item can track your fitness, sleep, steps and technique, to name a few – and, to be honest, it could be nice to get a break from a screen for once.

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