4 Greek Destinations Perfect for Families

4 Greek Destinations Perfect for Families

If your perfect idea of your next family vacation is relaxing under the sun in an ideal coastal spot, then Greece has many incredible destinations to offer. Greece isn’t all about lying on a beach, however. It also has many interesting activities on offer, guaranteeing that the youngsters of the family won’t get bored and that you’ll always have something to see and do. 

Below are four destinations perfect for your next family holiday in Greece.

    1. Mykonos 

      This island is the perfect location for children who may be getting a little bit older, and your family getaway is beginning to include less ‘kid-friendly’ activities. Mykonos offers the option of vibrant nightlife which you can enjoy as a family, yet also provides the opportunity to stay within a quieter, more peaceful spot. There are over 30 beaches in Mykonos and plenty of family-friendly ones. You can also explore the old town and see the famous windmill, visit the harbor in Little Venice or take a family snorkeling trip.If you’d rather be away from the hustle and bustle, you can consider a private family villa with lecollectionist.com.


    2. Crete 

      Not only is Crete one of the largest islands of Greece, but it’s also one of the safest. Its size means that there’s always something to do for all the family, and it’s particularly ideal for younger children. Crete also has a long summer, which means you’ve more flexibility with your travel dates and are still able to enjoy the warm weather. There are hundreds of beaches to choose from, and child-friendly shallow waters mean it’s perfect for paddling with youngsters. 

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      Crete offers the opportunity to take in the water slides, go on a boat ride, explore caves, go cycling, or even take in a T-Rex at Dinosauria Park. 

    3. Corfu 

      Corfu is a beautiful Greek island, nicknamed the ‘Emerald Isle’ due to its large amount of greenery. Corfu combines lengths of sandy beaches, a backdrop of rugged mountains and quaint towns and villages, to offer everything for your family trip. Corfu’s famous Old Town is UNESCO listed, and a great place to take in some culture. 

      Corfu offers the opportunity for family horse-riding lessons, to walk a donkey at the local Rescue Centre, visit the tropical aquarium or discover ancient ruins at the Temple of Artemis. Corfu even has its own castle to explore.

    4. Rhodes 

      Rhodes is one of the most popular Greek destinations, due to its history and culture. Rhodes houses one of the best-preserved medieval settlements in the world, in the form of its Old Town. This alone is the reason many people choose to visit. 

      You and the family can experience windsurfing or kite-surfing, take a visit to Butterfly Valley, visit the famous Aqua Park and aquarium or simply relax on one of the many sandy beaches. Rhodes also has the added benefit of excellent weather all year round, with its highest temperatures in August – so if your family doesn’t cope too well in the sun, it’s best to avoid this peak time.

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