4 Life Situations When It’s Necessary to Have a Lawyer

Getting stuck in legal matters is never a pleasant experience. However, not every case is treated equally. For example, unlicensed driving might earn you a fine or a short jail time. Being slapped with drug charges, on the other hand, is a whole another story. It’s anyone’s guess which, out of the two cases, will have you hunting for a lawyer to defend yourself in the court.  

Here are 4 such situations where having a good lawyer on your side can be life changing. 

1. A Complicated Divorce

Couples who file for a mutual separation might not need the intervention of a lawyer. However, where factors like child custody, inheritance, property, investments, family business etc. are involved, to say that you need a lawyer is an understatement. 

For those going through a messy divorce, it’s an emotionally charged and painful situation, which can cloud their judgement. Without a proper legal counsel, the chances of making costly mistakes and taking regretful decisions is significantly high.  

An experienced family lawyer has the expertise to walk you through the process, helping you pursue what’s in your and your family’s best interests. 

2. Workplace Issues

Most problems at work can be handled without the need to involve a lawyer. However, when faced with a worst case scenario such as a wrongful termination or discrimination at workplace, you might have to do more than have a word with your employer. It’s best to approach these situations knowing your legal rights and having a lawyer to fight your case in the court, if that’s where things end up.   

3. Law Suits

Law suits have the potential to ruin people’s life. The consequences of a loss while fighting a law suit can be devastating. Not only can it drain you financially but also emotionally. The loss of reputation that comes with a law suit can stick for a long time and affect your future. As such, they should not be taken lightly.  

Whether it is you who is being sued or you want to file a law suit against someone, you need to have an astute lawyer to guide you in every step of the way. Even when things move to an out-of-court settlement, you want a strong negotiator on your side.

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4. A DWI

DWI stands for driving whilst intoxicated, also known as drink driving. It’s one of the major reasons behind road accidents in Australia and a common legal trouble that people find themselves in. 

In a DWI case, you can expect to face some rather harsh penalties as Australian traffic laws are pretty strict. All such cases involve fines of increasing severity, disqualification of licence or even a prison sentence. 

Many of these penalties can have far-reaching effects, particularly when it comes to employment or if you’re planning to travel overseas as several countries deny entry to those with a DWI charge on them. You can save yourself from these repercussions with expert legal guidance offered by professionals like Kingston Fox Lawyers

These are some life situations where the presence of a lawyer can help you ride through tough legal battles and come out relatively unscathed. 

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