Tips to Overcome Your Fears and Become a Successful Teacher

Not only do students fear giving presentations in front of the entire class, teachers feel it too. If you are a teacher and have certain fears, you can easily overcome the jitters with the right mindset and preparation, good communication skills, and confidence in yourself. To simplify your task, here are a few useful tips from the best tutor in Brisbane. These tips will help you overcome fear and evolve as a more confident teacher. 

Common fears encountered by most of the teachers

It is important to understand that you will be able to manage your fears only when you know the reason behind them. So here are some common reasons for your fears.

Feeling not ready

This is the most common problem faced by the teachers who are starting afresh. If you feel you are not ready or are getting confused about the subject to teach, calm yourself. Although you will not feel 100% prepared, still trust your instinct and think positive. 

Not feeling confident about managing kids

As a teacher, you will need to face the challenge of disciplining the kids. Many teachers feel that they will not be able to do so, but the fact is that with time and experience, you get to know the right way to manage kids without being too strict. 

Fear of confrontation

In the classroom, it is common to experience aggression and displays of anger. In such conditions, teachers often get confused over confronting students who acted aggressively. As a result, sometimes they choose to ignore the situation altogether, but this doesn’t mend aggressive kids, rather it makes the situation worse. So, make sure you deal with it with prudence and confidence. 

Tips and techniques to Overcome Fears

Feeling a little overwhelmed as you attend the first day of your teaching career is expected. Here are some points that can help you overcome it:

1.     Move, breathe, and laugh: If you feel nervous or have butterflies in your stomach before starting a class, you can follow this tip. Before entering their classroom, make sure to jump up and down in the restroom for 10 minutes. It will automatically make you laugh. Also, shake your arms and legs to release all the tension. Now, take slow breaths, and you are ready for the class. 

2.     Start your class with a ritual: The initial minutes of your class can be intimidating, so it is relatively easy if you start it with a ritual like beginning class with good news or prayer, etc. 

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3.     Remember the cause: It is essential to realize the fact that it is not about you. It is about your students and how much they are learning. 

4.     Remember the good times: If you are about to start your class and are not feeling confident, well, what you can do is remember the good times or the time when you performed well. It will boost you with confidence, and you can begin your class with ease.

5.     Make students interested: It’s quite common to see students uninterested with blank faces, but as a teacher, you must not get affected by this. Your focus should be to make them interested before you begin to teach. Create a friendly atmosphere with your talk or think of something more effective. Do not lose confidence because of some blank faces in the class. 

Concluding thoughts

There is no doubt that teaching can be stressful, but this does not mean you should doubt your caliber. Always trust your capabilities, have confidence in yourself, and you will surely overcome your fears. With the right qualification and expert tips discussed here, you will be able to manage things well

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