4 Occasions To Rent a Yacht For


There are so many events in people’s lives that deserve to be made memorable. A great way to accomplish this is by finding an interesting place to host an event, like a venue on the water. A yacht can be the perfect place to do this, but many people wouldn’t think of it at first. One person might consider it too expensive, another might not have heard of hosting something a corporate mixer on a boat. For a single person, narrow boats are the best. You can easily find cheap narrow boats for sale in your area.  Here are four occasions you can celebrate on a yacht.

1. Weddings

There’s something romantic about water. Many couples choose to get married on a beach or by a beautiful lake. Renting a yacht can take that romanticism one step farther. A wedding at sea can bring together the beautiful setting of the ocean with the comfort and elegance of a private venue. Many yacht rental services offer various wedding packages you can take advantage of to create your perfect wedding. You can also add on other features like a photographer, live music and custom decor.

2. Corporate Events

A yacht rental can also put a unique spin on corporate events. With a yacht, your guests can mingle inside and out on the deck, getting scenic views of the coast and the horizon over the sea. A yacht is also one of the few venues to hold a corporate event where you can change location with a simple request. If you want to move from the dock to cruise along the coast, that’s not a problem. Hosting an event on a yacht can be an interesting way to make your company stand out to employees and clients.

3. Parties

Yachts aren’t just for sponsored events and the super-rich. You may be able to rent one for a private party if that interests you. Some yacht rentals are available for family vacations and could be a unique place to host a family reunion. You can find yachts with ample deck and living spaces, bedrooms and various amenities. If you’re looking for something you can use in a short-term capacity, for a birthday or anniversary party, for example, you should be able to find boats to fit those needs too. If you or someone in your party has sailing experience, you could try looking for a yacht rental where you can sail it yourself, or if you’re inexperienced or just want to focus on the party, there are options available to hire a captain too.

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4. Private Tours

Like renting for parties and vacations, yachts are a great option for setting up a private tour, especially if you’re hosting a large group of people. Whale and dolphin watching, coastal sightseeing and even a view of the sunrise or sunset are all perfect sights for a tour, and renting a yacht for a private tour can make them that much more special. With a private tour, you won’t be dealing with trying to buy tickets, waiting in lines or jostling for space to get the best pictures. You can focus on the experience, sharing it with your group and making it memorable.

They may not be the first place people think of to host events, but yachts have a lot to offer.

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