What To Do In The Event Of A Car Accident Injury

car accident

Car accident is a very common occurrence, and regularly cause serious problems. Despite the best efforts of modern day health and safety regulations to decrease the number of car related incidents, and reduce the severity of these incidences, hundreds of thousand of cases of injury are recorded each year. So, what should you do if you have come across bodily harm whilst driving?

In order to protect your rights as a driver, and prevent loss of income due to incapacity to work, a number of laws and regulations exist which govern litigation. If you want to get a lawyer then the more local the law firm the better. For example, if you are based in Atlanta then you should find an Atlanta based car accident attorney.  It is important to note that these regulations may vary from country to country, and state to state, so check your local guidelines. Generally the injured party is afforded certain rights relating to the continuation of payment, and coverage of medical bills. This of course only applies to any incident that is deemed the fault of another driver, whether through negligence or malpractice. 

These rules are designed to be impartial, and so in order to benefit from their protection a full account of the injury must be made. It is vitally important to produce a full and detailed summary of the events leading up to the incident (including dates, times, and the contact details of anyone who can corroborate the account), and submit it to your employer. Additional evidence such as CCTV footage, photographs of the area where the incident took place, or statements from witnesses to the incident are beneficial. It is important to note that not filing an incident report in a timely fashion may result in the expiration of the validity of your claim.

Once a full summary has been prepared, a discussion with the other party can take place. They may decide to follow one of two courses of action. They may either try and agree on a compensation structure between the two parties without legal intervention, or they may decline to negotiate a settlement, which requires further action to be taken. If an out of court settlement is presented, it is entirely at the discretion of the injured party to accept or decline the offer. Once the offer is accepted, generally this will leave the case terminated, and attempting to gain further compensation at a later date will likely be unsuccessful. 

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If the case proceeds to a civil lawsuit, it is important to get choose your next steps wisely. Be aware that there are many complex practices and firms offering different types of representation that may contain later costs. Therefore ensure you properly investigate the reputation of any law firm before you acquire their services. Read the small print and ask the relevant questions.

Be aware that precise legal proceedings may vary case to case, and are dependent on the governing laws of your location. Always consult a lawyer if you intend to begin a car accident injury inquiry. Hire a car accident lawyer in case of inquiry and proceed as the lawyer says.

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