How To Sleep Peacefully Under A Weighted Blanket If You Are a Hot Sleeper?


If you are a hot sleeper, sleeping under a weighted blanket can feel like a nightmare. You would feel hot and sweaty, which will make you wonder how anyone can sleep comfortably under a blanket with weights. When you bought a weighted blanket, you might have anticipated the problem. But most hot sleepers think that the benefits would probably outweigh the issues. But once you start sleeping under one, you realize that you will have to crank up the air conditioning and turn your room into Serbia to sleep comfortably.

Rest assured, that is not how it should be. You should have chosen a cooling weighted blanket for yourself, instead of a regular one. Cooling weighted blankets are specifically designed for hot sleepers so that you don’t get toasted under one of them while you sleep. They are not made with regular and cheap quality materials, like the weighted blankets on Amazon or other common stores. Specific fabric and fillings get used to ensure that you can stay cool and comfortable while you sleep. In this article, we are going to talk about what you must look for in your cooling weighted blanket.

The Fabric

The outer fabric is an essential factor to ensure that your weighted blanket gives you a cooling effect. The outer fabric is often made with polyester or blended fabric to make it long-lasting. If you are a hot sleeper, Most companies that sell weighted blankets would instruct you to take out the outer layers and sleep under the inner layer only. But since the inner layers get filled with hard fillers that add the weight to the blanket, you may feel that you are sleeping under a piece of wood.

So instead of choosing a regular or classic weighted blanket, choose one that uses cotton as fabric for the outer layers. Cotton is one of the best breathable fabrics that will ensure that your body heat does not stay trapped under the blanket. But pure cotton does not come cheap. So some companies are using bamboo fabric as an alternative. Bamboo fabric is one of the softest and most breathable materials on earth. Bamboo fabric has anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic properties. It needs fewer washes, and it is extremely long-lasting. The only drawback is that it tends to shrink, which is why some companies are mixing it with cotton to ensure that it does not shrink after a wash.

The Filling

Weighted blankets were originally filled with dry rice or other organic filings to add to the weight of the fabric. Organic fillings are not lasting and tend to rot and smell after some time. Organic filings also make weighted blankets difficult to wash and maintain. In the modern era, weighted blankets get filled with poly pellets or glass sand to add to the weight of the blanket and make it machine washable. If you are a hot sleeper, always opt for a cooling weighted blanket that is filled with glass sand. While poly pellets are cheaper, they not only make a blanket bulky but also have a tendency to trap heat. Glass sand is actually micro glass beads and provides the best cooling, which will make it possible for you to sleep comfortably.

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However, cooling weighted blankets have layers of fabric and filling, and that is bound to make it slightly warm. So it is possible that even after choosing the best cooling blanket for yourself, sometimes you may feel a little warm and are not entirely comfortable under it. If that happens, here are a few tricks that can help you enjoy the most restful sleep under one of them.

  • Take a cold shower before going to bed. The heat that you feel under a weighted blanket is your body heat that gets trapped inside. Taking a cold shower before bedtime will lower your body heat and prevent you from getting toasted during your sleep.
  • Tight clothes are not recommended for sleeping during any weather. They tend to trap more heat and make you feel hot and sweaty. Wear loose clothes made with breathable fabric to stay cool.
  • If you are using weighted blankets for anxiety issues, keep your room temperature slightly cooler than you normally do. People who suffer from anxiety disorders tend to sweat during their sleep.

Cooling weighted blankets have been specifically designed to help hot sleepers sleep comfortably under them. But even the quality of fabric and fillings vary between companies. We hope that this article will help you to choose the right weighted blanket for yourself that will keep you cool and comfortable during your sleep.

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