4 Smart Ways to Secure Your Home While on Holiday

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Going on holiday is exciting, but apart from all the things that can go wrong while we’re traveling, we tend to worry about the things we’re leaving behind at home. Burglars love houses with nobody home, and if you’re not keen on getting a housesitter, you need to make sure your property is properly secured. 

You’d also like to deter burglars by making it look like someone’s home. Apart from low-tech mesures like making sure a neighbour clears your post box, there are plenty of smart ways to secure your home and deter burglars. Here’s a quick top 4 to get you started.

How To Secure Your Home

1. Alarms and Cameras

These are the most obvious deterrents for burglars. There are even  fake cameras that just make it look like you have surveillance. But burglars are getting smarter. Apart from actually stealing fake cameras (really! It has happened), they will have plenty of time to scope out your alarm and surveillance system while you’re away. Needless to say, they know all the hacks, will cover their faces to avoid recognition, and might well be familiar with the alarm systems local security companies usually install. 

Nevertheless, you’ll put off amateur burglars and make things harder for professional ones when you have alarms and security cameras. It’s a good start. Choose systems that alert you and allow you to look for yourself, no matter where in the world you might be. If you’re not happy with what you see, calling the cops or alerting anyone else who is meant to be watching your house ensures a rapid response.

2. Smart Lighting Control Systems

Most of us are familiar with outdoor lights coupled to motion sensors. Burglars don’t want to be seen from the street, so they can certainly help, but they may not convince intruders that you’re watching them. 

Using smart lighting systems like the one offered by Vivint home security systems works, especially if you’re able to control lights remotely. Indoor lights that come on at preprogrammed times look a lot more convincing. You can also use a timer switch to turn on the TV or radio making it look like you’re at home and enjoying your usual evening routine.

Remember, burglars prefer breaking in when there’s nobody home. They’re quite likely to avoid your home altogether, just because they’re afraid of being caught in the act. Plus, with you in a position to remotely control lighting, your cameras also become more effective. Simply flick on the lights indoors and out if you suspect there’s an intruder. Knowing that they’re being watched is quite likely to make potential miscreants hightail it right away.

3. Smart Drapes

Lighting control systems are all very well, but if your drapes are closed all day, you’re giving out a signal that you aren’t home. If they’re open at night, it’s easy enough to peep in and check if the coast is clear and you’re also sending out a “not home” signal, since you’d ordinarily close them.  But, as usual, technology solves the conundrum.

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Smart drapes have a little motor that allows the controller to decide when they should be open, and when they should be closed. Simply automate the morning opening of your drapes, and set the timer for them to close when the lights come on. It’s simple, it’s smart, and it’s effective!

4. Doorbell Cameras

Despite all the steps you’ve just taken, it’s quite possible that a prospective thief may simply walk up to your door and ring the bell to see if there’s anybody home. When you don’t respond, the conclusion is obvious – you aren’t there. Overcoming this hurdle is also easy. Doorbell cameras are great to have even when you’re home, and some of them allow you to monitor activity using your smartphone. 

More than that, you can even speak to whoever is at the door through the intercom system. If your visitor isn’t above-board, it’s a simple matter to tell them that you will call the cops if they don’t go away. 

So, to recap, we now have “you” opening and closing drapes, turning the telly on during your usual viewing hours, opening and closing drapes, and turning lights on and off. Now, you’re even talking to whoever is at the door. Apart from that, you have all the usual cameras and alarms. Your house is starting to look scary to the average opportunist! You’re in control, and you have peace of mind. Now enjoy that holiday!

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