5 Common Misconceptions About Fitness At Work

5 Common Misconceptions About Fitness At Work

There are many misconceptions about fitness, and when your manager arranges a corporate wellness team to come in to see you, you start to hear a lot of excuses not to join in. While some of them may be valid, there will be some that are not. This short article will look at some of the most common misconceptions and why you should try not to use them to get you out of fitness training. 

Exercising Two Times A Week Is Fine

“I already work out one or two times a week; I don’t need to do more.” The truth is that while working out twice a week is a good start, it is not enough to provide you with long term health benefits that everyone wants. It would help if you had a bit more of a routine. If you can, you need to do something physically exerting every day of the week, even if that is just a brisk walk to the office. Sitting is becoming more of the norm for many people, and the human body was not designed to stay still. 

The Best Time To Work Out Is The Morning

“It’s too late in the day now; I need to work out in the morning.” There is no optimal time for exercising. As you have just read, the human body has not developed in a way that allows us to sit around all day doing nothing without complication. There is no sense in thinking that you cannot do anything after a certain time in the day because it will be counterproductive. The more that we move, the better we will feel, and the healthier we get; it is that simple. 

Men And Women Need Different Exercises 

“I’m not doing that exercise; it is for men/women, it won’t help me.” The most common one here is weightlifting being for men. However, the principle behind weight training, or resistance training, is strengthening muscles, making them stronger, and allowing you to do more challenging physical activities. How many times have you, as a woman, tried to lift something heavy and had to ask for help? Weight training will help you with that, and no, you are not going to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger. Likewise, yoga is not only for women. The anti-inflammatory effects that it has helps anyone of any or gender. 

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Weight Training Is No Good For Weight Loss

“I just want to lose some weight, not bulk up.” Weight training has multiple benefits for people who want to lose weight. Firstly, it burns calories, which helps you reduce fat. Furthermore, the more muscle mass that you have, the faster you will burn fat, too. So, as we said above, there is no fear of looking like a bodybuilder; you will lose fat, become healthier and stronger, even if you only do weight training.

10k Steps A Day Is Enough

“I already do ten thousand steps a day; I don’t need anything else.” This is the best excuse on the list so far. However, the 10k step idea is aimed to reduce chronic disease, not to improve your overall fitness. If you want to become fit, healthy, and live a fulfilling mental and physical life, it is advised that you complete more than that. Including more fitness is certainly not going to hurt you!

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