Easy Tips to Make Every Day More Environmentally Friendly

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We’re all aware of the need to live in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way, but at times this can feel like a very daunting task. The environmental gurus release videos like, “All my trash from an entire year fits in this one garbage bag”, or the minimalist bloggers explain the virtues of having not bought anything new for an entire calendar year.

The truth is, while these so-called experts have the right intentions at heart, they make environmental living downright overwhelming for those of us who aren’t experts. But the truth is, there are small changes that you can make in your everyday life that can be as simple as opting for reusable facial pads instead of disposable ones to make your lifestyle eco-friendlier. Keep reading to see what fits best into your life.

Instead of Buying Something New, See If You Can Borrow

We all love to shop, but more and more things are available for free either to borrow or from people giving things away. Public libraries offer not just books but movies and even magazines. You can make sustainable choices in business too. Instead of hiring someone new who has to commute to your office, outsource the work to experienced companies like clickintelligence.co to work on your online presence.

When it comes to clothes, there is a large second-hand clothing market. And best of all, these shops can be like a treasure hunt where you’ll sometimes find things that are practically in good condition. And it goes the other way too. Next time you’re cleaning out your closet, think about donating to goodwill instead of throwing away clothes that were never worn.

Stop Using Disposable Plastics

Saying no to plastic bags is realistically the easiest change you can make to live more sustainably without having to make any big changes to your life. Chances are you get around by car or even if you don’t, you already carry a bag with you. Even if you forget your bags, most stores now sell reusable bags.

Once you start using reusable bags, you’ll never look back. Additionally, look at other areas of your life where you find yourself using single-use plastics. Straws and plastic cutlery are other examples of items that are devastating to our environment and can easily be skipped by the majority of people. Straws and plastic cutlery are other examples of items that are devastating to our environment and can easily be skipped by the majority of people. You should also consider using toothbrushes made from bamboo instead of plastic ones. 

Cut Down on Energy and Water Use

There are numerous ways to cut down on your water and energy use at home. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it’s also cost-efficient, which means more money in your pocket. One of the largest consumers of electricity in the home is the dryer so try hanging your clothes rather than putting them in the dryer.

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In terms of water use, the first thing that needs to go is those extra-long showers. If you can’t bring yourself to cut down on your shower time, install a low-flow showerhead to limit water usage. Another easy one; switch off the water when you’re brushing your teeth or washing dishes even just that few minutes a day makes a difference.

Pick the Right Light Bulbs

Of course, you cannot live without electric lights, but you can lower your environmental impact through the lightbulbs you use. Of course, don’t throw away the perfectly good ones you have right now but the next time you go to replace them, look for compact fluorescent light or CFL bulbs. These last much longer and even use less electricity.

It has been a rough year, but one of the positives has been that a decrease in international travel means a huge decrease in the annual impact to the environment. Let’s make 2021 the year that we dedicate to keeping greenhouse gases under control by making some of these small changes to our everyday lives.

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