5 Houseplants with Health Benefits


Houseplants are known for their calming effect. They’re brilliant for mental health and can leave you feeling less anxious, not to mention they purify the air. Some plants go even further, though, and have specific benefits that make them valuable additions to your home.

#1 Aloe Vera

Perhaps the most famous medicinal plant of all, aloe vera is nowadays in everything from soap to moisturisers. The gel-like substance inside the leaves of the plant is transparent, sticky, and brilliant for helping all kinds of skin irritation. Keep aloe vera in the kitchen for relief from burns, or keep it in the bathroom to treat sunburn and even cold sores. The list of applications is long, and aloe vera is easy to grow. Cultivate it out of direct sunlight and water when the soil has dried out for a strong, long-lasting plant.

#2 Lavender

Another staple in beauty and healthcare products, lavender is more often grown outside, but nothing is stopping you from bringing it indoors. Lavender can be tricky because it needs to be very well drained and requires a lot of sunlight. Only water it when it’s dry and make sure your pots have good drainage. Root rot from overwatering is the number one cause of death so pay special attention to this area. Aside from the calming, anti anxiety properties of lavender, which could help when it gets tense playing at your favourite online casino, this plant is used to treat insomnia. Put it in your bedroom to help you drift off to sleep. 

#3 Money Plant

Money plants are used extensively in fengshui. They’re thought to bring good luck and financial prosperity. Somewhat more tangibly, they’re also brilliant at purifying the air. These plants are some of the best filterers on the list. They’ll take harmful particles, pollutants and dust out of circulation, helping you to breathe easier.

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#4 Rosemary

Rosemary is a staple in most kitchens, but many people simply head to the nearest supermarket and buy dried rosemary flakes. There are big benefits associated with growing this herb from scratch, though. Rosemary has long been associated with better memory function. Indeed, recent studies indicate that those who smell rosemary before an exam fare much better than those who don’t. As an additional bonus, you’ll be able to pluck the stems and use them for cooking. Rosemary works great with roast dishes like lamb or pork, but it’s a versatile herb. Some people even add it to cocktails!

#5 Boston Fern

This is the go-to plant in homes with poor humidity. It’s a natural humidifier, which has the knock-on effect of helping with skin irritation and even allergies. Boston ferns are a fantastic choice if you have the air conditioning running frequently, but they’ll purify any home. These plants are proven to take toxins like formaldehyde out of the air. Keep the Boston fern in indirect sunlight for the best results (although it’s a resilient plant and will thrive in most conditions) and keep the soil moist.

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