5 Luxury Hotel Upgrades That Make Your Guests Feel Special

Luxury Hotel Upgrades

As the owner of a hotel, you are only as good as your guests think you are. Hotel guests love the comfort and luxuries that a good hotel stay provides. 

Let your guests enjoy and discover a cozy corner by a swimming pool. Make use of pool enclosures to help them pamper themselves. There is a sense of joy and satisfaction you would feel in fulfilling your customer preferences.

Meeting your guests’ expectations is nothing less than a TARGET. Being innovative with offerings and upgrading services need a few months to complete and come at steep prices. 

However, there are some quick fixes that can make a hotel go a long way. 

Here is how you can boost your guests’ satisfaction ratings:

  1. Implement In-Room Technology

    Technology for hotels is genuinely a big game-changer for enhancing customer satisfaction. For instance, hotels are looking to install smart room keys for allowing guests to enter the room with a simple swipe of their smartphone. For instance, tablets make a useful communication tool between guests and staff members. Sitting in the room, guests can request for breakfast or any other service in a few clicks which then routed to staff member’s mobile devices and answered instantly. The hotel can even program the tablets to promote paid amenities. Luxury Hotel Upgrades

  2. Add Delicious Food Items

    Impress your guests with original catering recipes. Create a diverse pool of catering menu that tantalize their taste buds. Offer the right variety in appetizers, desserts, salads, soups, and entrees. Invest in creating an exclusive menu of dishes with low calories. Just like the price and taste, quantity, and quality of dishes also play a significant role in providing an excellent restaurant guest experience. Your food should be on par with your promises. Tarter Tots, Cobb Salad, Fajitas, Chicken Fried Steak, California Roll, Macroni, and Cheeze are highly loved dishes among food lovers.

  3. Patio Enclosures

    A patio enclosure can dramatically improve the overall look of your restaurant. The best part about investing in commercial patio enclosures is that it provides ample flexibility and can be worked as a semi-permanent temporary fixture during certain times of the year.You can even add extra tables and chairs for your customers to sit and relax outside. Don’t cancel plans when bad weather conditions prevail as these enclosures would protect your guests from facing the heat and water alike.


  4. Change Patterned Linens

    Guests seel for quality customer service in their rooms. From food, decor to basic amenities, everything matters for people as they enter the room. Among all, bed linens are one of the first things any customer would notice. It’s an opportunity to impress them. Swap old sheets s with new solid-colored ones. Pick neutral tones or white duvets if you want to play safe. Select textiles made of natural fibers such as cotton and down-feather over synthetics. You don’t have to incur many funds, but it will improve your profits down the line as guests are more satisfied with their stays and more likely to return for vacations in the future.

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  5. Go Neutral On Walls

    Gone are the days of yellows and dated wallpaper patterns. You can give your hotel a much-needed makeover by painting them with neutral tones or natural pastels. Guests these days value contemporary interiors, and they even feel the urge to incorporate a similar decor style. Give your guests something to enjoy and be pleased about during their stay in the hotel. Open up your space with an inexpensive but much-needed lighter color palette which is soothing to the eyes, and add more value to the decor.In A Nutshell:

    Customer experience matters more than ever before in the hospitality industry. It keeps you ahead of the competition. So, create a space of comfort and luxury by investing in the right products that enhance the perceived value of your property.

    By getting these five upgrades right, you can expect higher profits, stability and, a good market reputation in the hotel industry.



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