How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost and What Are the 4 Factors That Determine It?

Rhinoplasty Cost

There are several reasons why someone would elect to get a nose job or Rhinoplasty. From medical purposes to cosmetic reasons, the various costs will be nearly the same. Once an individual chooses the procedure, they are confronted with a few other decisions. 

They must first locate skilled Rhinoplasty surgeons willing to take on their case. Interviewing a couple of different doctors could help to make the final decision easier, as well as alleviate extra stress about the procedure.

According to a 2018 American Society of Plastic Surgeons study, the average cost of Rhinoplasty in the United States is approximately $5,350. This amount is typical of the physician’s fees and does not include the list of costs below. 

Listed here are the 4 factors, and what determines them, for the cost of a Rhinoplasty procedure. 

  1. Medical Tests

Your surgeon may require you to get a long list of tests, including blood tests and psychological tests before agreeing to perform your nose job. These test results, as a total, are looked at to determine your viability as a good candidate for Rhinoplasty. 

A blood test, as well as other physical tests, will help the surgeon in determining your physical fitness for such a procedure. This may include testing your heart and blood vessels to make sure you can withstand such a procedure. The psychological test will determine your overall reason, in addition to your mental fitness, for obtaining a nose job. 

  1. Facility Costs

Many times, the surgeon has operating privileges at a local hospital or clinic. This will determine where your procedure will be performed, however, there is often a cost associated with using such a facility. 

If your surgeon has his own clinic in which to operate, then this may not be a large cost. If your surgeon does have his or her own space to operate, their overall fee will have the facility cost already figured into it. 

  1. Anesthesia Fees

The anesthesia fee is always a separate fee, for any and all procedures in which a patient needs to be sedated. The fee can range from somewhere under $100 to several thousands of dollars. This depends on the kind and amount of anesthesia they will use during your operation. 

Anesthesiologists are trained differently and are oftentimes working for a completely different company than the doctor or hospital. Their bill will most likely be mailed separately and be expected to be paid apart from the other bill.

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  1. Dressing and Medications

There is always a fee for the products a surgeon uses during your operation. This includes the surgical instruments, bandages and gauze, blood products and medications other than the anesthesia. 

If you experience any complications, in which medications are needed, there will be an additional fee for those used. There is also a fee for the pain controlling medications you will be sent home with. 

One of the minor factors in determining the cost of a nose job is your geographical location. Costs for Rhinoplasty is more expensive on either of the coasts compared to the middle of the country. 

This coastal expensiveness is one of many reasons those in search of cosmetic surgery options look to the center of the country for more affordable options. One of the most popular options right now is for those who need the work done to explore this rhinoplasty surgeon in North Texas. Owing to Texas’ central location, and the massive economy there, you can get top-tier options at a reduced cost to what’s available on the coast. At the very least, it’s worth your while to do a little research beforehand so you know what you’re getting into. While you don’t want to go with the “cheapest” options out there, if you can save, you should.

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