5 Most Common AC Problems You Could Face This Summer

Without an air conditioner, it would be impossible to endure the summer. Therefore, you should keep your air conditioning system maintained by making the most of AC services so that you may use it without hassle throughout this season. If not, you will experience several issues. Most problems have straightforward fixes that you may be able to perform on your own to get your house back to its relaxed, comfortable state while also saving money. Here are the top five issues homeowners face with their air conditioners throughout the summer.

Importance of Maintaining Your AC System

Air conditioning units blow cold air inside the house after transferring heat from your working place to the outdoors. A functioning air conditioner eliminates excess moisture from the air to keep residents comfortable. Maintaining your air conditioner is essential for overall performance, efficiency, and occupant health.

Change or clean your AC air filters regularly to maintain the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit, which is considered an essential maintenance activity. Clogged or unclean filters restrict airflow and dramatically lower a system’s efficiency. So, keeping your air conditioner well maintained will help you avoid expensive replacements by increasing their life while also saving money on energy bills. We recommend using Custom Filters Direct to buy quality AC air filters online.

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5 Most Common AC Problems You Could Face This Summer

If you don’t properly maintain your air conditioning system, you can run into several issues throughout the summer. Because of this, these AC systems operate at peak efficiency at this time of year. Here are the top 5 issues you could experience this summer.

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  • Blowing Warm Air: If you’re concerned that the air conditioner in your house or business is generating hot air, the thermostat should always be examined first. One of the most typical issues that might restrict your air conditioner’s ability to cool is decreased air circulation. Another troublemaker could be the condensate line. Warm air is blown throughout your home whenever the condenser line is blocked. Additionally, you can use custom ac filters according to your AC filter sizes.
  • Drain Blockage:  The more often your AC operates, the more dust and filth are produced, which might cause a blockage in your drain. Unfortunately, there are situations when the condensate drain is blocked, causing water blockages and leakage, which can harm your AC system and leave your house with an unpleasant musty smell. If left unattended, that leakage can ultimately cause mold development and damage your walls, roofs, and surfaces.
  • Inadequate Cold Air: The cause of your Ac airflow issue may be blocked air purifiers if you have overlooked your AC cleaning for a considerable time. The ductwork in your AC is in charge of distributing cold air throughout the interior of your home. Due to mismanagement, dust can eventually clog your ducts. That is as a result of possible airflow restrictions.
  • Dirty Condenser Coils: Dirty Condenser coils can significantly affect how well your air conditioner works daily. It’s essential for day-to-day operations and maintains your system functional, economical, and long-lasting. Condenser coils that are dirty struggle to transmit heat to the outside air, making it difficult for your air conditioner to efficiently cool your house. As a result, your house could get heated and uncomfortable. Many people facing heat issues wonder what is btu meaning. The abbreviation BTU is used to measure the power or energy of a heating appliance. It stands for British thermal unit, which is the amount of heat energy required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit.
  • Motor Failures: Any issue with system motors can compromise the efficiency of your air conditioner, reduce the comfort of your house, increase your electricity costs, and perhaps cause the entire system to fail. A damaged capacitor can put excessive pressure on a motor as it continually tries to start, leading to overheating and eventual shutdown. Your system’s motor may potentially have problems if your apparatus is dirty.
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Without any doubt, summer is the season when your air conditioner will need to work the hardest. The worst situation in the intense summer heat is malfunctioning your cooling system. These circumstances often arise for many people for a variety of reasons. Some disregard the benefits of AC tune-up services, while others attempt to solve the issue on their own by making matters worse. However, being aware of your AC’s difficulties in the summer might help you better plan for them and prevent them altogether.

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