5 Tips For A Busy Household

5 Tips For A Busy Household

When you are running a busy household it can be a challenge to stay on top of everything. There are only so many hours in the day and you feel like you need to use every second of every one of them. It can be hard getting it all done, so today we wanted to share 5 tips for a busy household with you.

Use a calendar

The humble calendar can be crucial to ensuring that a busy household runs smoothly. It means that you don’t have to remember absolutely everything and it means that everyone else can see what’s happening every week. 

Pop occasions on there that you need to celebrate, along with appointments and reminders. Ensure that everyone in the house fills it in with their own commitments, or at least checks in with you before committing to something.

Try not to put things off

This one is a difficult habit to get into, but once you are into it, you won’t ever let things slide again.

Try to stay on top of the housework and keeping everything tidy, by doing a few small things daily rather than letting them build into a huge weekly task. When you get those birthday party invitations and letters from school, note them down then and there and reply when you need to rather than creating a pile of things that you need to deal with at some point. 

Stay on top of odd jobs

Similarly to the last point, it helps to keep on top of any odd jobs that crop up around the home. 

Aim to fix appliances as and when they go wrong, rather than leaving them to add up to more tasks on your to-do list. It means one less task on the list and a working appliance to help you to lighten the load. Get an appliance repair technician in so that you know it will be fixed correctly. 

There are often seasonal tasks that crop up, so make a note to do them as soon as they roll around. 

Make lists

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Make lists so that everything is on paper rather than spinning around in your mind.

Lists can help you to keep on top of so many things. From your priorities for that day to jot down ideas for Christmas gifts, they can help you to capture every stray thought and keep you on track.

Where possible, aim to keep all of your lists in one place as otherwise, you are going to get frustrated hunting for lists!

Get help

We are often our own worst enemies when it comes to getting everything done. We feel that we need to do every single thing ourselves, and yet there are often ways for us to get some help.

It could be anything, from asking children to take on a few chores around the house to hiring a cleaner or someone to take on the ironing. Check out this guide from the unclutterer on the best clothes steamers to make ironing easier and keep your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free.?
Your partner, friends, and family will often gladly help with odd tasks here and there, you just need to remember to actually ask them. 

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