5 Tips to Create The Perfect Bedroom For Sleep

Perfect Bedroom

Did you find yourself picking up coffee all day just because you didn’t sleep well the previous night? Well, the problem might be in your bedroom. As much as people tend to stick to good sleep hygiene, there is one area that has always been overlooked, that is the sleep environment. The bedroom is no longer vital, and many people use it to browse the internet, watch TV, among many other activities that are not connected to sleep. To improve the quality of sleep, you need to start an investigation on how your bedroom impacts your sleep and decide on the way to improve it.

How to Make Your Bedroom Better for Sleep

Invest in quality bedding

Your mattress, pillows, and bedsheets are a big part of your sleep. Make sure that you choose bedding that is comfortable for you. And because all the bedding is made differently, you are bound to go through a hard time getting the one that is right for you. Additionally, you can invest in weighted blanket materials to improve your sleep. When choosing the best bedding for you, including the mattress, make sure that you consider aspects like your sleeping position, among other preferences.

Reduce noise

Noise is a common sleep disruptor. Regardless of the source of noise, it can prevent you from getting sleep, and worse still keep you awake at night. Make sure that you turn the TV off while you are asleep. Also, try to create an ambient and steady pacifying background noise that can help block background noises from cars and other external sources.


According to studies, a pleasant scent could help decrease the heart rate, blood pressure, and skin temperature, which will probably put you in a relaxed state. You can also choose to use any scent that you love to help you relax for bed. Additionally, when utilized regularly, a pleasant fragrance can be part of a routine that can be picked up by your brain as an indication that it is time to sleep.

Keep your room dark and cool

The body temperature decreases as your body prepares itself to sleep.  Make sure that your room is cool to help your body in the process. On the other hand, darkness is one of the most necessary conditions needed for good sleep. However, contemporary lifestyles can significantly disrupt us from dark and calm environments. Therefore, before you go to sleep, get rid of any modern device that can disturb your sleep. There are many things that you can use to achieve this. For instance, you can use blackout curtains and dimmable lights.


Excessive clutter may deprive you of your sleep. Too much clutter is known to cause anxiety and nervousness in a room. Therefore try as much as you can to keep your bedroom clutter-free to eliminate any worries of tripping over things in the middle of the night. Making your bedroom a place to go and do other activities apart from sleeping only makes your brain associate the room with other things.

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You don’t need sleeping pills to sleep better; the above tips will help you maintain a reserve of sleep and relax in your bedroom. Always listen to your body and know what is best for you. Things that can disrupt your sleep have solutions. However, some people might be practicing good sleep hygiene and have a proper bedroom but experience sleeping problems. Such people might be suffering from sleep disorders that need medical attention.

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