5 Ways Golf Course Weddings Can Be Less Stressful

Golf Course Weddings

Finding a good wedding venue is always a chore that can add stress to anyone planning an upcoming wedding. That is why it is a good idea to check out area golf courses and see what they have to offer. There are a number of benefits that come with using a golf course for any upcoming nuptials.

  1. Space For a Ceremony and Reception

    Golf courses have a reputation for being both elite and offering a high-class setting. Because of this, they can be a great place for the setting of a beautiful wedding. When compared to a luxury hotel, golf clubs also provide that same upscale atmosphere, but it is usually on a much smaller scale. This gives them a more intimate feel. Since they are much smaller, there is a good chance that your wedding will be the only one they are working on that day. This might give you more of a chance to use other spaces in the club rather than just the ballroom since you will not have to share the space with other receptions.

  2. Ideal Photo Opportunities

    Golf clubs offer beautiful exteriors that are professionally landscaped. Most golf course designers realize that part of the reason people join their clubs is due to the stunning scenery that can be found in these courses. Different courses may offer forests, streams or ponds, and gently rolling hills among other things. Any of these can provide a beautiful setting for the wedding ceremony, and equally, any of these settings provide a stunning backdrop for any photograph memories that you might want to create. They also can be a special location for your guests to enjoy while you take your time getting ready before either the wedding or your pictures.

  3. Onsite Kitchen and Staff

    The nice thing about golf clubs does not only do they offer a wonderful setting for a wedding, but they also have their own kitchens that employ both skilled bakers and chefs. Therefore they are able to provide wonderfully delicious food items, whether that is hors d’oeuvres or meals, on your wedding day. This means you do not have to hire a catering company to provide the food. The golf club will also have their own serving staff, so this is an additional thing you do not have to look for. Some golf clubs will even take care of creating the wedding cake as well. Having the club staff take care of all the food and drinks can really take a lot of stress off.

  4. Easy On The Guests

    Parking can often be a problem at any event. This is something to consider in planning your wedding. Some venues may require visitors to park a fair distance away. The nice thing about a golf club wedding is parking is going to be close to the venue. Some golf clubs might even offer valet parking.

  5. Experienced Staff and Credible Referrals

    Golf courses are also a great place for weddings because they host a lot of wedding events, and therefore have connections to a lot of different services that will be needed. They may have relationships with florists and photographers that may offer discounts if the referral is made through the golf course. It is not a certainty that you can get these services cheaper through the golf club, but there is a good chance that there is some type of partnership between the two. Therefore, you may be able to save some money by using the golf course for your wedding venue.


Plantation Golf and Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida is one of those golf courses that offer wonderful wedding packages. As with many other courses, they even show details about these services on their website. Take a look and see if this country club is the perfect fit for your wedding day.

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