6 Incredible Benefits of Having Health Insurance

health insurance

Are you considering buying health insurance but not sure whether it’s worth the money you’ll be paying?
Your situation is understandable. Perhaps you’re in perfect health and never suffered a major illness, you don’t see how you would use health insurance even if you purchased it. The money you would pay into premiums, why not use to pay for a personal trainer to keep you fit?

Well, you’re making a big mistake.

Health insurance is a must-have, whether you’re in good health or facing death. It can even help with regular check-ups; such as when you contact this Dentist in Niles for urgent dental care.

Keep reading to learn the incredible benefits of having health insurance.

1. Outpatient Healthcare Services Are Pricey

In the United States, fewer things are pricier than healthcare services.

A random visit to a healthcare facility for an outpatient service will set you back about $500. Depending on the services you need, this figure can quickly climb to $1,000 or more.

Suppose you developed common cold today and needed to go to your primary care physician, would you be able to pay this amount out of pocket? If you’re not one of the 41 percent of Americans who would be able to settle a $1,000 emergency without borrowing, you’ll be in trouble. A healthcare provider can deny you services if you’re unable to pay upfront and you’re not in a health emergency.

If you don’t want to live with the worry of paying for healthcare services, purchase a health insurance policy that covers both inpatient and outpatient services.

2. A Severe Illness/Injury Can Drive You into Bankruptcy

Did you know medical expenses are a leading cause of bankruptcies in the U.S?

If you’re hospitalized for a serious illness or you suffer severe injuries, your bills could reach five figures. The vast majority of Americans cannot afford to settle such huge bills on their own. Even if the hospital can discharge you when you haven’t cleared the bill, you’ll still have the responsibility to pay it. If you’re unable to, bankruptcy can provide some relief.

While bankruptcy can provide some debt relief, it has devastating consequences on your credit. Imagine being unable to secure a credit card or personal loan because of bankruptcy you filed five years ago.
Frustrating, right?

If you don’t want to end up in bankruptcy because of a medical bill, purchase adequate health coverage. Checking out this guide on how to choose health insurance that’s right for you.

3. Your Preexisting Condition Can be Covered

If you’ve got a preexisting health condition that’s chronic, you certainly know it can take a big toll on not just your quality of life, but also your finances. Having a chronic condition, like diabetes or heart disease, means you’ll be on medication for the rest of your life. Medicines are pricey and can quickly run down your budget or income.

The good news?

It’s possible to get health insurance coverage even if you have a preexisting medical condition. Before the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, it’s was hardly possible for a health insurance company to sell policies to people with preexisting conditions. But now you can get coverage.

Coverage terms and conditions vary from insurer to insurer, but what’s for certain is your premiums will be higher – though not even close to the amount of money you are already spending on your treatment.

4. Easier to Practice Preventative Health Habits

Prevention is better than cure, so goes the old saying.

Unfortunately, for many people, the saying is just that; a saying. They don’t take care of their health, often until it’s too late. Don’t be like these people.

However, when you don’t have health insurance, it’s so easy to ignore your health and wellness. You’ll find that you’re only thinking about your wellbeing when you develop a cough or headache. And because outpatient services can be costly, you end up riding out the condition or making do with over the counter drugs.

But when you’ve got health insurance, you know very well that your insurance company will pay for your outpatient trips, even when you’re going in for a routine health check. Because you don’t have to dig into your pocket, you’ll have more motivation (or inspiration) to visit a healthcare facility often and get checked.

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It’s these checks that’ll detect health conditions before they morph into deadly monsters. And with early detection, most conditions are treatable.

5. Promote a Healthier Society

Healthy societies are the key to an economically prosperous nation.

What makes a healthy society? It’s individuals like you who will put their health first. A good way to put your health at the forefront is to purchase health insurance.

When you don’t have trouble paying for hospital visits and pharmaceutical drugs, you’re in a better position to keep illnesses at bay. You lead a healthier life, for longer. If more and more individuals purchase health insurance and take good care of their health, it’s far easier to achieve a healthier society.

6. Buying Health Insurance Is Good Use of Money

If you’ve got an income and no health insurance, what’s your excuse?

You’re probably saying healthcare insurance is expensive. You’ve got a case, no doubt. As of 2019, the average annual premiums for single coverage was $7,188. No small amount, sure.

However, if you reevaluate your personal budget, you could find that you have spent a lot more on things that don’t add much value to your life. Look at those take-outs, streaming subscriptions, app purchases…

Why not cut back on such expenses and buy health insurance instead? This is how you put your money to good use.

Enjoy the Benefits of Having Health Insurance

Health insurance can be a bit heavy on your personal finances, but it’s undoubtedly good for your health and peace of mind. You won’t worry about healthcare bills and you’ll be more inclined to taking good care of yourself. Get coverage today and reap these benefits of having health insurance.

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