How to Feel Better From Within?

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“Feeling Better” is a state of mind. However, to achieve this much-desired state, we often need to put in some efforts on our part. You may ask what kind of efforts are we talking about here? Well, mostly, it is the stride against the daily dose of difficulties and pessimism; we all face. 

Right from the moment we wake up, we are flooded with news and updates concerning a plethora of things, whether it’s the world or our work. Especially in the current pandemic crisis and lockdown situation, bad news has become a regular visitor. 

As such, it is imperative to find ways to cope and feel better at the same time. Actions that give you momentary pleasure or entertainment can only do so much. But to be honest, how much can binge-watching Netflix calm you down and make you feel good from within, not much, right?

We will try to look at being better more holistically and find steps towards finding a happier you!

Healthier You

You must have heard it at least a million times, that “health is wealth,” and “health brings prosperity.” But then again, procrastination got the better of you, and you put away the gym membership or the yoga mat or the fitness routine far off in the corner. All these sound too familiar, right? 

Now is your time to rise and shine.

Daily exercise of any form, be it Yoga, Zumba, swimming, running, or freestyle, improves not only your fitness but also boosts your immunity levels. What more? You also end up looking better, and I am not even kidding! 

When you start to feel fit and look good, your general mood is uplifted, and before you know it, you begin to feel a lot better about yourself than before. So, try out for a week and see the change for yourself!

Organized Much?

Marie Kondo had said, “It’s a very strange phenomenon, but when we reduce what we own and essentially ‘detox’ our house, it has a detox effect on our bodies as well,and it couldn’t have been more accurate. Simple living is an art, no doubt, and achieving that simplicity is no joke at all.

It may sound easy or intuitive, but proper organizing or planning is the key to simplicity. If you can make a routine or jot down in a to-do list, all the things or daily goals you have set for today, you will realize how effective it is at the end of the day. Not only do your tasks become more manageable, but your mind is occupied in an organized fashion. 

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So put out your sticky notes and scribble down your lists with as much color as you want, because your life is about to get a little brighter and a little less messy!

Got a Hobby?

Having a hobby and keeping one is equally important. Often we say we have an inclination towards painting or stamp collecting or writing poems, but try to think when was the last time you sat down with your hobby and indulged in it? 

Whether you are working from home or just got laid off, engaging in your hobby and having a specified me-time is irrespective of all that. Spending quality time where you are thinking about nothing else other than the sketch you are making or the book you are reading can work wonders to boost your morale. 

So, keep this in mind, and bring out our inner talents to the spotlight today!

Final Thoughts

To be better is a conscious choice that you have to make for yourself. There may be thousands of ways in which you can feel better, but it can only come from within when you start making small lifestyle changes like these to achieve a much healthier and happier version of you!

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