6 Things You Need to Do to Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan

6 Things You Need to Do to Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan

Your dog’s life might seem too short when compared to your own. Smaller dog breeds are known to live longer while bigger dogs can have shorter life spans. Each breed comes with their expectancy. Their life expectancy does not mean that you are helplessly destined to lose your dog is a matter of a few years. The care that you take of your dog can increase their life spans. To give your dog a longer and healthier life you can take matters into your own hands.

Feed Your Dog a Nutritious Diet

What you feed your dog goes a long way. While many dog parents rely mostly on packaged dog foods, homemade meals should also be included in your dog’s diet. By preparing your dog’s food at home, you can keep track of the nutrition that your dog is getting. For your younger dogs, you can have a protein and calorie-rich diet to go well with their active life. For your older dog, you can provide a more fiber-rich diet to help with digestive issues. Read up on the dietary needs of your dogs and give them a healthy mix of dog food and home-made meals.

Maintain a Safe Environment

Dogs depend on us to provide them with the shelter that they need. While dogs do need to spend a portion of their days outdoors, you need to provide a roof over their heads as well. You can choose to build them a kennel or allow them inside your home. Make sure that the shelter that you have provided them keeps them safe from extreme weather. Extreme weather can make your dog very sick.

You also need to ensure that your dog is not in contact with poisons. Avoid letting your dog out on the ice where someone might have put antifreeze. Keep cleaning chemicals out of the reach of your dogs.  

Give Your Dog the Right Medicines

Dogs have medical needs that you need to cater to. Regular vaccinations and medications like dog Interceptor for whipworms can help your dog stay safe. Whipworms can be very detrimental to a dogs health, but Interceptor for whipworms can treat all kinds of worm infestations. Your vet might also recommend supplements and other medicines. For instance, if your dog is in pain for any reason (whether that be because of an injury or a condition like arthritis), they may prescribe a pain reliever for dogs that will keep them from suffering too badly.

Frequent the Vet

Visit the vet should not happen after your dog is sick. Get your vet to check your dog regularly. Your vet can recommend medicines like dog Interceptor for whipworms, for your dog. Always cross-check before giving your dog any medication.

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Keep Your Dog Active

With our lives becoming sedentary so have our dogs. Dogs are also facing obesity as a health problem. Take your dogs on walks. Let them run around in the yard. Take your dog for a swim. All the activity you do with your dog is beneficial for both your dog and you.

Ensure Your Dog is Mentally Fit

Your dog needs to be mentally fit as well. Observe your dog see if they are showing signs of any mental health disorders. Take your dog to an animal behaviorist or psychologist to treat psychological troubles that your dog might be exhibiting.

By being a good and attentive pet parent, you can enjoy the company of your dog for many more years.

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  • Good confirmation that I’m doing it all right. Although I could make more homemade meals, I’m always afraid it’ll be too rich for their systems or it won’t include all the right vitamins and nutrients or they may have or develop an allergy to something. So it’s more an exception than the rule for home cooking, but I always buy the best dog food, so I think it’s ok.

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