6 Tips to Choosing the Best Neighborhood When Moving Home

Making Moves – 6 Tips to Choosing the Best Neighborhood When Moving Home

Moving into a new home or apartment is a stressful but exciting time. As you pack up your things and contemplate where they’ll go in your new residence, take some time to consider something else: the neighborhood around it. Here are several things to look for in your new community.

A Good Child Care Center

If you have young kids, this should be one of your first concerns. After all, the child care center you choose will be responsible for your most precious assets.

If you don’t have children yet, or you never plan to have them, the school district is still important as its reputation could have a direct impact on the real estate values in your neighborhood.

An Easy Work Commute

Research shows that the longer a person has to commute to work, the less happy he or she is. When moving into a new community, it’s important to consider the drive time you’ll have to work each day. What is traffic like during rush hour near your home and how long does it take to get to and from the office on an average day?

Accessibility to the Important Things

If getting a cup of coffee on your way to work each morning is something you look forward to, it makes sense to choose a neighborhood with easy access to a local coffee shop. If you often find yourself needing to pick up things like milk and bread on your way home from soccer practice, a nearby convenience store would be ideal.

Think about the things you enjoy and do on a daily basis and then make sure your new neighborhood includes access to these things.

Safety and Walkability

To feel truly at home and comfortable in your new home, you must feel safe. The neighborhood may look and feel safe by day, but what kind of feel does it have once the sun goes down? Are there street lights? Do you see people walking around after dark?

Alternately, if your neighborhood is conducive to walking (there are sidewalks and/or wide streets that allow for safe walking), you’ll be more likely to get outside and away from the TV set. Furthermore, people are more likely to trust the people who live around them when the neighborhood has a high walkability factor.

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Proximity to Parks, Community Centers, and Other Recreation Places

As great as your new home is, there will come a time when you’ll want to get out of it, spread your wings, and meet your new neighbors. Ideal places to do these things include parks, community centers, and other nearby places that people gather to relax and play. A comfortable, healthy neighborhood will include several outlets for recreation that everyone in the family can enjoy.

A Wealth of Trees and Greenery

You may think trees are mere decoration, but studies show that living in a community full of trees makes people healthier, both mentally and physically. Not only do trees clean the air, but they also reduce stress and depression, too. People who live in densely tree-covered neighborhoods are less likely to take antidepressants than people who live in bare neighborhoods.

If you’re moving to a new neighborhood, be sure to consider the above-mentioned features to ensure you’re moving into a good community. Comfort, convenience, and safety are important aspects that will help you feel more at home in your new home and the surrounding community.


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