6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift

6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift

Are you stuck for what to buy your significant other for their birthday? Finding the perfect gift can be a bit of a minefield, even if it is for the person you know the best in the world. 

Take the anxiety out of the decision making with these tips. 

Plan Ahead of Time

Make sure you start as early as possible looking for inspiration and putting little bits away here and there, the last thing that you want is a mad rush to get everything that you planned, only to find that the store doesn’t have the right size in stock or a line has been discontinued. Getting things as you see them saves you a lot of stress. 

Some people start dropping hints a few weeks or a month or so before a birthday to test the water on their gift ideas; this can be a little obvious though, and if you need to check your ideas subtly, without giving anything away, do it months in advance if possible. 

Nothing Says “I love you” Like Flowers 

It might be cliché; however, flowers are a great choice. Getting a beautiful bunch of fresh, vibrant flowers can make someone’s day. Try to pick flowers that you know they like, or that are special to them. Mix it up and try and get something really interesting. Buying flowers from an online florist such as Fig & Bloom could not be easier. You’ll get the perfect bunch delivered exactly when you need it.

Flowers have a tremendously positive and uplifting quality and hold a lot of connotations that say that you really care about the person you are buying them for. 

An Experience to Remember

Creating a lasting memory can be a much greater gift than an object. Imagine floating up above the horizon and watching a spectacular sunset from a hot air balloon, or taking a boat trip to watch dolphins swimming freely in the sea. These are magical experiences, and to share them with your partner can be truly romantic. 

Maybe a break away somewhere nice with a meal, an activity and some relaxation time would suit your partner; plan ahead. Get every detail sorted and let them enjoy the break and let you do the worrying.

Personalized Prints

There are so many niche craft companies out there that can make you personalized gifts that look professionally finished and beautiful. Think about things that are important to your partner, maybe you’ve got some memories together that you both particularly cherish. You could take a photo of the two of you and get it painted onto canvas, or edited in a fresh new way to have printed out and hung on a wall. 

In your life together, you will no doubt have a list of things that are personal to you, that you enjoy doing together. Make that list and get it made into a print. 

Personalized gifts are often very inexpensive and can be the most thoughtful. 

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As there may be some preparation time involved in making the gift, you will need to plan ahead and get your item ordered in plenty of time.


Maybe you are a bit crafty yourself, and you feel like you could do a good job making a small gift for that special someone in your life; if you have the skills, then a handmade gift shows effort and thought. If you don’t have a great deal of crafting ability, maybe look at Pinterest for some simple ideas of gifts that you could make quite easily yourself, that doesn’t involve a lot of skill. Just make sure and give yourself plenty of time to get everything made in time, and allow extra time and materials for if things go wrong, or you need to start again.

Presentation Is Everything

Think about how you will present the gift. Wrapping up in some good quality paper with a bow is an obvious choice, and if you do that, think about the style and color of the paper.

But if you want to try something different, how about a gift hunt with clues that are personal to you both that will add to the excitement around getting the gifts? Start with riddles that will take your partner on a treasure hunt and build up the fun level.   

Whatever you decide to do for your partner, putting in plenty of planning and preparation will make sure that they will really love, as well as being what they deserve. 

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