6 Ways to See Canada’s First Nation Peoples on a Holiday to Canada

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The discovery of ‘the new world’ in the late 1400s led to huge changes to the lands that would later be called The Americas. In both the North and the South continents, settlers from ‘the old world’ brought with them huge developments that lead to the establishments of some of the world’s most powerful nations.

The impact of Western migration to the native people of the United States of America is often discussed and portrayed in films, television, and books, but the First Nation peoples of Canada went underrepresented in popular culture. 

When taking a vacation in Canada, you have an amazing opportunity to visit their communities and learn about their history. There are lots of great ways to see the First Nation Peoples of Canada, and here are seven perfect opportunities.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive Centre

For nearly 6000 years, this site has been used by the native tribes of North America to hunt buffalo. Located in Alberta, this is the perfect place to begin discovering Canada’s First Nation people and their traditions and culture. Many native peoples in the United States of America have had to build leisure and tourist attractions like casinos in order to build an economy, but in Canada, the First Nation Peoples use education, culture, and history to help grow their wealth and develop their communities. If you want to try your luck at a casino on your trip, use this roulette online operator available for Canadians so you can play anywhere.

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

Located in Nova Scotia, Kejimkujik means ‘tired muscles’ and if you decide to try canoeing or kayaking on one of the many rivers of the lake in this national park, you will find out why! The historic site on the park has some amazing relics from one of the oldest tribes of the First Nation Peoples, the Mi’kmaq. Paddling the waterways of the park is a great way to explore one of the most picturesque parts of Canada, just as the Mi’kmaq people did centuries ago. 

Manito Ahbee Festival

The best experience visitors can have of the First Nation Peoples, their traditions, and their culture can be found in Winnipeg in July. The Manito Ahbee Festival is a traditional indigenous gathering in an ancient meeting place where the peoples meet one another with huge dancing displays and traditional drum music. Native peoples from across the Americas gather at this event to dance and greet one another in a display of peace, and anyone can join them!

The Great Spirit Circle Trail

In the province of Ontario, you can find the shores of Lake Huron and Manitoulin Island, the largest island in a freshwater lake in the world. The island offers a unique experience with beautiful views and idyllic waterfalls that are only surpassed by the history and culture of its native people, the Anishinaabe. They still reside on the island today and welcome their visitors with food, shelter and stories of their incredible history. Take an organised trip along the Great Spirit Circle Trail with a guide to get the best views when you visit.

See Also

Spirit Bear Lodge

In the farthest reaches of British Columbia, near the northern shores of the Pacific Ocean, you can find the Great Bear Rainforest. This is one of the First Nation Peoples most ancient sites where they would go on a ‘spirit walk’ in search of the Kermode Bear, or Spirit Bear. The Spirit Bear Lodge is the best place to stay on your visit where you can hear tales of the spirit bear from the First Peoples themselves and go on guided tours through the beautiful rainforest.

The Great Northern Arts Festival

For 56 summer days in the far Northern Territories, the sun stays in the sky for the whole 24 hours. This is an interesting experience itself, but during this time, the First Nation Peoples hold an arts festival showcasing the artwork of local and native painters, sculptors, musicians and artists of just about any discipline. There is dancing, concerts, and live wood and stone carving, all from First Nation Peoples from across Canada.

Canada is an amazing country with so much to offer, but no tourist should miss the chance to visit the First Nation Peoples and experience their rich culture and fascinating traditions. If you are planning a trip to Canada, make sure you find the time to visit one of these amazing places.   

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