8 Ways You Can Create Compelling Online Invitations

Organizing a gig such as a webinar takes a lot of time and effort from you and your team, to ensure everything works just fine. But for the event to be a success, you need an audience; otherwise, all of these efforts will go to waste. To avoid such this, the best thing you can do is to come up with a compelling online invitation.

Creating a convincing online invitation to attract potential attendees can seem a bit overwhelming. If you require more information or help with your online invitations, you should visit Greenvelope. In the meantime, here are five helpful tips to help optimize your online invitations.

Create Convincing Subject Lines 

Your potential attendees get tons of invitation emails each day, informing them about particular events. To stand out from the bunch, you need a captivating subject line that’ll draw your reader’s attention.

The best way to entice your reader to continue reading your invitation is by addressing them personally. You can do this by either using their names or pronounces such as “you/ your” and “we”, to instantly connect with the reader. It’s also advisable to include a specific date in the online invitation, since this is more likely to make the potential attendees take you seriously.

Make sure the subject line has between 40 to 50 characters, so that it fits in your subscriber’s inbox. The details included need to be catchy, informational and to deliver a sense of urgency to entice your subscriber to act.

Beautiful Visuals And Videos

Humans are visual creatures, so media is a very effective tool in convincing people to come to your event. The visuals you include in the online invitation don’t necessarily need to be on the same subject matter as your event; this gives you the freedom to choose the images that you find most appealing.

You should avoid using generic or stock images from events that aren’t related to yours, and instead make it your goal to use pictures from past events or your keynote speaker.

The use of videos is also recommended, and does a superb job of convincing potential attendees to come to your event. This is because videos do a great job of bringing out your gig’s overall atmosphere and personality. As a result of this, they attract your potential attendees in a way words simply can’t.

Include A Header Text 

Including the header text is optional, but it does an excellent job grabbing the attention of your potential attendees. Make sure to state in it how attending the event will help deal with some form of issue. You can also include the time, date, speaker’s name, and title of the event.

Use A Simple Design And Layout 

When designing your online invitation, for instance for a wedding, you need to make sure that it is beautiful to attract your potential attendees. With advancements in technology, you can do this independently without hiring a professional designer. This is achieved by simply using event management solutions that incorporate design templates and tools.

The design and layout you use should be simple and clean. This allows your readers to easily skim through the details of your event. You can achieve this by breaking the invitation into numerous segments, each addressing various things about the event. These include the agendas, timings, venue, speakers, and so on.

And since many of your potential attendees will be reading your invite using their mobile phones, this simplistic and clean layout ensures that they don’t disregard your invitation. This increases the chances of these readers coming to your event.

Banner Image 

Personalization is critical when designing an online invitation, and the banner image allows you to achieve just that. But before you decide which banner image to use, there are several aspects to consider, including;

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  • Image significance: Make sure the picture you choose is directly related to the event’s main topic.
  • The image quality: You’ll need to confirm that the chosen image is well-defined, pixelated and attractive. 
  • Overlying banner image or text: This means optimizing the space on the online invitation by overlaying the texts over the banner picture. 
  • Be Honest

In this age of viruses and hacking, many people often avoid opening nondescript online invitations. You should look to avoid a similar scenario happening to you by including your company’s name, brand colors and logo. Moreover, consider using a masthead like those used on newsletters. By doing this, you’ll be able to win the trust of your readers. Therefore, they’ll be more willing to check out your invite and see whether the event is something they think could benefit them personally.

Introduce The Event’s Speaker 

While you might have mentioned the keynote speaker in the subject line, it’s always crucial to do this again in the core text of your online invitation. Most attendees are more inclined to come to your gig if they see a prominent speaker will be in attendance. They also consider your webinar, seminar, or conference as a chance to be offered useful insights from respected speakers who they may not even know.

Therefore, never fail to name-drop your main speaker again in the main body an online invitation. You could even go further, and mention the speaker’s professional background.

Include A Call To Action 

Every online invite needs to end with a welcoming call to action. The call to action button should be easily noticeable for your audience and should encourage them to go to the next step.

It’s advisable to use the first person instead of the second person when writing the call to action. This means rather than writing “Save Your Seat,” you should go for “Save My Seat”. This makes it much more effective.


There’s no doubt that organizing an event is hectic and frantic. But once everything’s in place, you need to make sure that your target audience actually shows up. This requires creating an online invitation which proves that the event is worth their time. Make sure to implement every step of this in-depth guide, and you shouldn’t have any trouble filling those seats. 

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