9 Basic Storage Tips To Make Your Food Last Longer


Food storage looks like something straightforward. After all, what is it apart from keeping your fruits in the fridge? Right? Well, it is much more than that. If you do not store your food correctly, it could lead to a lot of food wastage. 

This can impact the environment as well as your finances. We all want to keep our groceries fresh for as long as we want. Here are some tips to achieve the same. 

Ensure the right temperature for your fridge

It often happens that the temperature of the fridge is altered by accident sometimes. Food items become prone to spoilage if they are not stored at the optimum temperature. Cooked food such as mac and cheese need to be stored in proper temperature so they can last for a few days. So ensure that the temperature is correct and also do routine checks of the thermometer. The temperature should at least be 5 degrees Celsius or 40-degree Fahrenheit. 

Store meat at the bottom shelf in your refrigerator

The juice dripping out of meat can cause other food items to spoil very fast. If you put it on the lower shelf, the fluid will stay where it is and not fall. If you do not have any space left on the lower shelf, then add an additional tray beneath the tray where the meat is kept so that the dripping liquid is collected in the tray. 

Store Opened Sauces Bottle In The Fridge

When you buy store-bought sauces and condiments in bottle, it is ok to keep in your pantry as long as they are not yet opened.  However, if you open and use some of it, it’s best to store the remaining in the fridge. This will prevent the sauce from going bad and avoid bacteria growth.

Keep dairy products preferably at the back of the fridge

According to experts at Kitchenous, the back of the refrigerator is where the temperature is lowest. This means that this is the coldest part of the fridge. It might be tempting to keep milk at the front of the refrigerator so that you can get it quickly at any time. However, this may cause the spoilage process to become faster. So, it is advisable to keep dairy products like milk, curd, etc. at the back.

Store fruits and vegetables in proper places

Whole and healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables do not require refrigeration. Some of these are bananas, citrus fruits, avocados, tomatoes, onions, peaches, pears. They can do well at room temperature. They can be put away in a cool place if the temperature is high. Do not make the mistake of putting onions and potatoes in the same place. They release ethylene gas, which can cause spoilage. 

Cover green vegetables in a paper towel

If you buy vegetables from the grocery shops, or harvest the vegetables from your garden, you need to know how to store them properly. If you keep your spinach, lettuce, or other leafy vegetables in an ordinary bag, the slimy residue can accumulate and cause a mess. To avoid this, use a paper towel inside these bags, which can quickly soak up the additional moisture. The same can be applied to salad greens leftover from dinner. 

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Cover bananas with plastic wrap

If you cover the crown of a bunch of bananas with the help of a plastic wrap, this can prevent them from ripening too quickly. This is because covering the crown retards the release of ethylene gas. 

Change your schedule for washing produce

Most people wash their vegetables as soon as they get them from the grocery store. This isn’t the proper time to do it. You should only put them underwater when you are ready to consume them unless you want to freeze them. This has an impact on the growth of mold on them since mold can increase on damp produce. 

Storing grains in air-tight containers

A lot of us stock up on grains and buy them in bulk to save a few bucks. However, this additional food must be stored properly to avoid spoilage. Transfer all your grains to an air-tight container so that they are not acted upon by various chemicals. This is also a handy method to keep the bugs away.

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