Amazing Lighting Ideas To Make Your Event Memorable

Amazing Lighting Ideas

Lighting is perhaps the most vital aspect of organizing an event, yet planners happen to overlook it. Whether it is an entertainment show, corporate conference or awards ceremony, good lighting can literally make it or break the audience experience. It creates ambiance, gets attention at the right places and builds a visual experience for the attendees. Obviously, going the extra mile with the arrangements and systems can take the event to the next level. And it goes much beyond having the lights placed randomly across the stage, walls, and overhead. You need to use them creatively to highlight the right architectural elements and styling pieces perfectly. Here are some cool and amazing lighting ideas that can go all the way to make your event a memorable one.  

Start by understanding your needs 

First things first, you need to understand what you are really looking for. This really depends on the type of event and the expectations of the audience. Of course, you cannot use the same technologies and equipment at a business event as you would at a dance show. Further, consider the mood and color palette you would want to create, the physical and aesthetic requirements of the venue, the content you plan to showcase and the equipment you want to use at the program. Once you have a list of your requirements ready, you can get to work, thinking about the kind of lighting that would work and the innovative and creative elements you can add to enhance the basics. 

Experiment with LED beams and spots

LED lights are an indispensable part of all kinds of events. They enable you to create wonderful effects in different colors. Amazingly, they are small yet provide lots of light and don’t even get heated up. You can experiment with them to create moving beams and spots that can be programmed with cues, colors, positions and patterned movements for adding an intuitive feel to the event lighting. It can be a totally mesmerizing experience that your audience will never forget. Besides playing with beams and spots, you can also use LED screens for projecting images and messages as well. What’s more, you even suspend tiny LED balls from the ceiling of the venue to simulate stars.

Go crazy with gobos

Gobos are the projections of logos, abstract shapes, and patterns that add a branding value to the event. They can be used in the stationary or moving form as the need may be. You can project them onto walls, ceilings, and floors to create visual interest for the audience. When the attendees see visuals of your brand’s logo all around, they are more likely to recall it later as well. And the use of gobos goes beyond business branding as they work perfectly with different types of events. Even wedding planners can use this idea to display the couples’ initials and make the event worth remembering for the guests.

Play with laser lighting 

If you think that you can create something cool and impressive without using a laser at your event, you are mistaken. There is so much you can do with lasers- they can be programmed to draw shapes and pictures on surfaces, synced with your music, and even spanned across the entire audience. All you need to do is find the right kind of lights to create special effects. Lighting experts at Ellumiglow recommend cables that have optimal bending properties because they can help you get the shapes and effects you want. Plus, you need to look for a wire that is bright enough yet consumes less power.

Consider uplighting and spotlighting

Uplighting and spotlighting are also great lighting effects for any event. Uplighting, as the name suggests, is a technique used for highlighting the venue details from the floor up to the ceiling. You can make it all the more interesting by using a combination of cool and warm colors for the uplights but make sure that they complement the gobo and spotlight. Spotlighting, on the other hand, is used to highlight a performer or specific area of the stage or venue. While using a spotlight, the lighting of the audience is dimmed so that the entire focus goes on the element to be highlighted. Both uplighting and spotlighting are the simplest of techniques but can create an incredible impact.

Create an experience with colors

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Event lighting is all about creativity. It goes much beyond using white lights, rather encompasses creating special effects with colored lights as well.

With the modern remote control LED strip lights that are now available in the market, you can use a combination of colors and control the brightness of the light as well. Different light colors can be used for creating different scenes and moods for the audience. The technique is useful if you want to video-record the entire event video-recorded because it adds drama and effects.

Have a complete lighting plan

As important as it is to have all the amazing ideas in mind, you need to be careful about planning their implementation as well. While you can mix and match the aforementioned lighting ideas for your event, it would be wrong to do things haphazardly. Essentially, you should have a complete lighting plan in place to manage the effects from start to end. Involve a lighting designer for creating a perfect plan. This will keep things clear for the technicians and ensure that the audience is not overwhelmed by random and sudden changes in the effects. The best way to create a plan is by checking the venue prior to the event and creating a plan to match the layout of the place and the expected flow of the program. Let your technician check the available power points so that they can manage the placement of lights accordingly. 

Using the right combination of lighting effects can take your event a notch higher. While it can go a long way in impressing the audience, you can actually get your brand all the publicity you want with an event that everyone will remember. So be sure to create the most amazing lighting plan for your next program! 


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