Baby Rash; Common Type of Rashes that a New Parent should know About

Baby Rash

It is not easy being a new parent. There are so many things that one can be worried about, especially if it is your first time. One common cause for concern for a new parent is rashes on babies. While these can be new and uncharted territory, most are not a cause for alarm. These can cause irritation and be uncomfortable for the infant, which is why it is important to be aware of the different types of rashes that can occur at this age. In some cases, you might have to go and consult your pediatrician in order to determine the cause of the rash. 

Cradle cap rash

A cradle cap rash is one that appears on an infant’s scalp or around it. If you see some yellowish and greasy patches on your child’s scalp, they might have this condition. It produces a scaly appearance. If you see this on your child, do not be worried. This is quite common among infants and is not a major issue. This mostly clears up without any special attention or treatment. This barely causes discomfort to your child


According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), more than 60% of the people who suffer from eczema most of their life develop it in the first year. A study published in 2019 reported that more than 25% of children have this skin condition. Eczema is a disease that causes dry and red skin. This is mostly itchy and rough to touch. Sadly, there is no cure for this condition, but with the right care and treatment, it can be handled quite well. You can also consult your doctor for certain medications that will be safe for your child.

Diaper rash

Diaper rashes are quite common among infants. These are typically around their buttocks and happen due to sweat, perspiration, and friction between the skin and disposable diapers. This rash can spread to the groin and cause a lot of discomfort. You can use baby balm to calm the skin irritation levels down quite a bit. The main thing to do when your infant develops such a rash is to keep the affected area clean at all times. You can even use over-the-counter rash medications, just make sure they suit your child. 

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A common bacterial infection among babies and children is impetigo. This causes itchy blisters and bumps on their skin and is quite a contagious disease. If you see such symptoms in your infant, get them treated immediately. You can not take them to nursery or daycare till they are treated. This rash is contagious for a total duration of 24 hours if you start antibiotics at the same time. Without treating this, it can remain contagious and have a detrimental effect on your toddler’s health. It is not life-threatening but can interfere in their daily lives and make it quite uncomfortable.

It is important to know about the different kinds of rashes that can happen to infants so that you are well prepared. Do your research well and do not worry too much.

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