Best Creative Hobbies To Do With Your Family

Trying to find something that is both entertaining, fun, and creative with your children can often seem like an impossible task. It’s definitely tempting to hand them over to your live-in babysitter (AKA, the TV).

But, sometimes, you really want to bond with your family and do something fun together. Being creative with your family is a fantastic way to make a different kind of connection. Creative hobbies will allow you to find fun and exciting things to do together. It will also allow your children to explore their own interests and let their imaginations run wild.

So, if you feel as though you have exhausted all of your own creativity, here are some exciting and creative hobbies to do with your family.

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Create Your Own Board Game, Card Game, or Quizzes

This is a fantastic way to allow everyone’s imagination to run wild. Your children will likely spend all of their free time playing and making up their own games. So why not bring that into something you can all do together?

As an adult, it can sometimes be difficult to play with your children. Especially if they have wild imaginations and short attention spans. It can be difficult to act in a childish way that will suit playing with your child.

Creating a structured game allows for the best of both worlds. Your children can come up with the themes and general ideas of the game. And they can design the board, the cards, and any other additional features. And you can guide them with the structure, logic, and general rules. You can even make it educational.

Build a Family Tree

This is a great activity that can also be educational. It can also be dipped in and out of. A family tree can be a very simple series of lines, names, and dates. Or, you can create a tree full of photos, drawings, and any other additions you and your family can think of.

This is a great way to involve all the family. Especially if you have children of different ages. This hobby can involve researching your family online, cutting out photos, and drawing the overall tree.

This is also an excellent way to teach your children about families. They likely have a general understanding of parents and siblings. But whole families can be a little difficult to understand. Especially if you have a big family. Laying it all out on a page will help to visualize it.

There are lots of different ways a family tree can look. These can be similar to the formal charts that trained historians use. Or they can be drawings of real trees with a branch or leaf for each family member. There are plenty of unique family tree ideas that you and your family can try out.

Nature Watching

Over the past decade or so, children are playing outside less and less. This is partly due to the increase in electronic devices. But also due to the reduction of natural spaces, especially in built-up areas.

But, no matter where you live, you will be able to find places teeming with fascinating wildlife. If you can, exploring wildlife parks, the beach, or local woodlands is a fantastic way for your whole family to reconnect with nature.

If you’re concerned that your children might not be immediately interested in wandering through woodland, you can always turn it into a game. One of the best ways to do this for small children is with a treasure hunt. Before heading out, make a list of things your children need to find. These items can be a special kind of leaf, a special kind of shell, a bird’s feather, or anything you can think of!

If it won’t cause any arguments or tantrums, you can also turn this into a competition. For example, who can find the biggest leaf or shiniest shell?

You can then make this even more creative by making crafts and collages from the items you collect.

Cooking and Baking

For some people, cooking with anyone else in the kitchen is a big no-no. And cooking with children is completely out of the question. But, you don’t have to include other family members in making the nightly dinner. Instead, try making some different and exciting dishes and bakes with your family.

The complexity of these dishes and bakes can vary depending on the age of your children and other family members. For very young children, you can easily make simple sugar cookies. These only require a few ingredients and also allow your children to be more creative.

Sugar cookies can be cut into any shape you like. And due to their flat plain surface, they can be decorated however you like. This means that you can involve your family in making their own cookies. And then they can decorate them in any way they like.

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If your children are too small (or unruly) to be involved in the actual baking, they can still decorate. As these cookies are so simple, you can make up a big batch. Then, you can lay them out with lots of different types of icing and decorations. And allow your children to go wild. Then, of course, you can eat them!

This is a great hobby that can lead to other interests in cooking and baking. Cooking is a basic skill that few people have. So, if you involve your children in cooking and baking, you are equipping them with an important skill. But, from their perspective, they are just having fun.


Gardening is a great hobby for multiple reasons. For one, you will be able to get some help in organizing your outdoor space. You will also be able to teach your children about how plants grow.

This is a great option if your child doesn’t enjoy more traditional creative hobbies. Such as painting, drawing, or making things. Gardening isn’t always the first hobby that comes to mind when you use the word “creative”. But it is a fantastic way to help your child explore their own creativity.

If you choose to plant flowers, you can allow your children to choose where the flowers can go. This allows them to design their own small flower bed. This can also be used as an educational tool. If you allow your child to plant their own flower bed, they can then be responsible for it. This can help to teach them responsibility.

This will also give them a great sense of productivity and achievement once they see their flowers begin to grow. Once the flowers have bloomed and are likely to die soon, you can make this even more creative. Your children can cut the flowers and press them. Or perhaps make a collage or use them for another creative project. This will be a way of permanently displaying their creativity and their achievements.

Planting herbs and vegetables are also an excellent idea. This will allow your children to learn about where food comes from. This is super important and not all adults truly understand how their food is grown and made.

Even if you don’t have an outdoor space, you can still garden inside. You can have plants or window boxes dotted around your home. You can even plant vegetables in window boxes.

This is something that is better suited to children over the age of 5 or so. This is mostly due to the risk of injury when using tools. And seeds can also be a choking hazard.

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