3 Calming Outdoor Hobbies for Inner Peace

Calming Outdoor Hobbies

We spend far too much time indoors. From long days spent in the office to long nights spent staring at phones and facing the onslaught of social media, being indoors is not great for our physical or mental health. It can be hard to muster the enthusiasm to shake things up but deciding to spend more time outdoors is only going to have positive effects. While there are certainly high-octane activities that you can do outdoors, for those looking for a little peace and calm away from the stress of daily life, here are three calming outdoor hobbies that will help you find your inner peace.


If you want to escape the hustle and bustle, then a long walk or hike is often the first option you’ll consider. Spending more time outdoors is proven to be good for you, and even a short walk in a natural green space will work wonders on fighting against anxiety. Of course, going for a walk is an incredibly accessible activity, and you can choose from local hiking trails that match your levels of fitness or a casual stroll around your neighborhood. Make sure that you have a good pair of boots and start putting one foot in front of another.

Top Tip: Going for a solo walk without your headphones means that you’ll pay more attention to the world around you.


Humans have been fishing for as long as we have built tools, and it remains one of the most popular hobbies in the world for a reason. There’s a meditative side to fishing, but it can be more of a fitness workout than you expect too. If you already know how to fish and already have the basic equipment, then heading to your local rivers or parks is more accessible than ever. For beginners looking for a calming hobby, head to the best fly fishing shop in your area and chat with the experts about what you need and why. You might even get some fishing tips that will make it more likely that you return home with a catch.

Top Tip: Join a local fishing group so that you can find out the best local areas for your fishing trip.


This is a lot more popular in Europe than anywhere else in the western world, but foraging is the perfect combination of a long walk in nature and rewards that you can eat. If your mind is constantly racing, and you struggle to take your eyes off your devices, then foraging is the perfect way to get all of the benefits of an outdoor walk while forcing you to concentrate on your surroundings. You’ll need to do some research into the safe foods that you can find, and you should never eat something that you can’t identify. If you’re wary, then restrict yourself to taking photos of the mushrooms and plants that you find and do some research when you finally return home.

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Top Tip: Don’t be too ambitious when it comes to the foods that you take home. It takes practice and research to become a safe forager.

There’s no disputing that simply spending more time outside is beneficial for mental health. For those that are looking for a way to calm the turmoil of an overactive brain, finding the calming activity that will get you spending more time outdoors could change your life a lot more than you think.

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