Choosing Between Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Choosing Between Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Whether you are a first-time eyeglasses wearer or you just want to change up your look then you may have considered contact lenses. There are many reasons why people choose one over the other, so if you are at a loss, here are some factors to consider before making your decision.


Eyeglasses can be the most beneficial if your prescription is quite strong as you may not be able to get contact lenses. Some people find that they do not like to wear eyeglasses as they cannot find any that suit their face. This is where the internet can come in handy as there is much more choice online than you may find in your local store. These Persol eyeglasses look great and there are plenty of styles to choose from. It is important to look after your eyeglasses so that you do not need to replace them frequently and this means keeping them in a case when not in use so they do not become bent or scratched. If you have a habit of losing your eyeglasses it may be worth considering contacts or purchasing a chain for your eyeglasses– there are plenty online. 

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be better if you have a tendency to lose your glasses or you work in a job where glasses can be a nuisance such as those who work with young children or drive at night. You can trial contact lenses to see if they work for you and whilst it can take a bit of getting used to before you know it you will be able to put them in and take them out with ease. Some people find that contact lenses dry their eyes out and if you suffer from any allergies such as hay fever or you often have dry eyes it may be that contact lenses irritate you. There are eye drops available that can aid with any dryness you may encounter. You can also choose between daily contact lenses or monthly ones. Daily can be thrown away at the end of each wear whilst monthly contact lenses need to be kept safe in a case with a saline solution. 

Why Not Choose Both? 

Many people who wear eyeglasses have the occasion where they use contacts or they mostly use contacts and wear eyeglasses when they have run out of contact lenses or to give their eyes a break if they are becoming dry. There are many retailers that allow you to order a batch of contact lenses that can be used as and when you need. Having a paid of eye glasses in Winnipeg spare even if you do wear contact lenses means that in the event you run out of contact lenses or forget them you always have a way to see. 

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Choosing a pair of eyeglasses that suit your face and that you like can make the difference when choosing between eyeglasses and contact lenses. There are pros and cons to both so if you can’t choose, why not choose both?

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