Choosing the Right Life Insurance without Medical Exams


Choosing the right life insurance can be a challenge for many people who want to find the right combination. You will need to consider factors such as whether they include the need for an exam, whether they cost more or less than traditional insurance, and what kind of payouts they offer. It’s an important decision that many people are concerned about making incorrectly. 

As you probably already know, most traditional life insurance forms include a requirement for a medical exam. This means that they often rule people out who have conditions already, whose health is troubled, who are much older, and those that can’t manage to organize an exam. If not, they certainly lower the rate of approval. That’s why this article concerns life insurance without medical exams. For you, it’s like getting an instant approval life insurance policy quickly and easily.

As you shop around for the right life insurance policy for you, consider getting a no exam policy because it can increase your chances of approval for the package and plan you choose. While insurers will not get to examine your medical records, they also won’t be able to deny you for the conditions and factors we already discussed. They are great options for those who want a process similar to instant approval while locking in competitive rates. At least, that’s true with

Keep reading to discover the kinds of options that Sproutt can give. They are a good example of how to choose the right life insurance while skipping the exam portion of the traditional process. 

Crucial Reminders Before Selecting Life Insurance without Medical Exams

When you choose a policy which you are more likely to get approved for like one without a medical appointment requirement, you can really win. All you will have to do is answer a few basic questions about your health. Simply provide accurate, honest information to your insurer so that you can guarantee a payout when the policy activates for beneficiaries. Still, it’s important to note that even though we provide examples of such policies, you’re own rates and costs will be unique to you. The payout amount is also unique to you.

So, as you review the example policies that Sproutt can offer, know that your special and custom plan depends on these important answers about your health and lifestyle. You’ll see that the rates they offer are low for no-exam insurance. But, the payout amounts will vary based on your responses to questionnaires. These are just a few things to keep in mind as you review these choices. 

Life Insurance Coverage that Can Save You Money Overall

We present the most popular selections of life insurance from Sprooutt, a leading insurer for no exam policies that payout well and come at low costs. All of the examples discussed skip the medical screening portion of the life insurance approval and application process. 

You’ll see that our examples can offer a custom fit for your life, your family, and your goals. But, always remember that these are estimations and not promises. Your rates may be better or higher than the descriptions given. 

A Modest Option

A simple policy could be all that you need or want. Sproutt offers a policy for such goals and preferences in which you can pay just $60 per month for a potential payout of $250,000. This is a great rate for those that need to supplement another policy or just want to have basic life insurance. Fill out their survey to find out more about any of these policies. 

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A Standard Option

A common choice to help your family after your passing can give up to $500,000 in payouts to your beneficiaries. It can cost as little as $100 per month for the impressive sum. This option can also be estimated and described for you by their survey which is linked to above. 

An Extended Option

You might need more coverage. And, you can get an affordable policy which gives nearly a million in payouts (up to $750,000) through Sproutt with their “advanced” plan. The best part is no exam is required for this high amount, and of course the policy is a great gift to your family in the event of your passing for just $100 per month.

Find Life Insurance without Medical Exams through Sproutt

Sproutt assists people in meeting their life goals and financial preparedness while skipping pesky medical exams that cancel some people’s traditional insurance applications. Choose from these options and fill out their survey to learn more. 

Find out today which policy is best in your situation by seeking a quote. It’s easy from their to determine how to choose the right coverage and policy for you.  

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