Clean Pets Keep a Clean House

Clean Pets Keep a Clean House

Pets are wonderful for the soul and there is nothing like scooping up a warm ball of fluff for a cuddle or shepherding another out for walkies. Pets are loving, fun and can’t wait for you to get home… to see what fresh chaos they have caused while you are away!

If there is one downside to having a pet it is that it simply isn’t possible to explain to a cat why the sofa isn’t a suitable scratching post and you can’t tell a muddy dog that now is a really bad time to drag mud around the carpet. Pets may be cute but they truly test the cleanliness of any house.

Fortunately, with a few tricks up your sleeve, everyone can win.

Keep Your Pets Groomed

Pet fur is a menace around the house but if you can keep your pet well-groomed, you can at least minimize the problem. Dog grooming for shedding is especially good for longer haired breeds but all dogs should be groomed regularly to remove dead hair and keep their skin in good condition.

Cats also require regular brushing and most cats love playing with the brush as you tend to their fur. Brushing once or twice a week is a good way to remove dead skin cells and hair as well as any dust and dirt. Cats are pretty good at washing themselves but older cats will appreciate more frequent brushing to help them along.

Deal With Dust and Fur on the Regular

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to go around your house every couple of days collecting up all the fur. But don’t bother with sticky lint rollers anymore, a simple pair of latex gloves is all you need. Run your hands over your sofas and chairs to collect up all the fur that’s settled there and wipe off into the bin.

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Properly dusting your house regularly is the best way to reduce the chances of allergy flare-ups and keep your house looking spotless. With the right equipment, dusting takes a few minutes and can be done most days. If there is one cleaning hack you need, it’s to dust using microfiber cloths that pick up the dirt without needing any moisture.

Encourage Good Behavior

Cats may not be the most compliant pets but with the help of resources like Friendly Claws you can still train them to do things your way with a lot of encouragement – and treats! One area you should definitely work on is where they can scratch. Cats scratch for a number of reasons and it’s a natural behavior you should accept. Giving them a specific post to scratch is a really good way to detract them from your sofas and carpets and playing with them around the post will increase their interest. 

Dogs are much easier to train and are usually happy to perform tricks for treats. Teaching your mucky dog to stay on the front door mat when you get in is a good way to minimize mess getting into the house and dogs can even be trained to clean their paws on the way in.

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