Cloud on the Horizon – 4 Ways Cloud Technology is Changing the Way We Work

Cloud on the Horizon - 4 Ways Cloud Technology is Changing the Way We Work

Once upon a time, the cloud was that fluffy white thing that floated in the sky. Today, cloud-technology has given the word an entirely new meaning. While those new to the workforce have never really had to question the use of the cloud, older or less tech-savvy employees may face some confusion. To rectify this, we decided to look at four ways in which the cloud is changing the way we work.  If you want to learn more about cloud computing then I would suggest you take a devops training course from Intellipaat.

Streamlined communication.

Not only does cloud computing help streamline workflows, but it also provides full transparency, allowing us to easily refer back to previous conversations, implement version control and collaborate seamlessly with the push or tap of a button. It has also enabled the unification of different communication channels in ways never explored before. Businesses who partner with a wholesale broadsoft hosted pbx provider can enjoy complete connectivity between their phones and other methods of communicating, therefore allowing for seamless integration and cross-platform communication.


One of the simplest offerings available in the realm of cloud technology is universal storage. This essentially allows you to take your files anywhere you need them, on almost any platform. The great thing about this is that you no longer need to worry about losing paperwork or USBs and if your hard drive fails, everything you have stored in the cloud will still be safe. Another great perk of cloud-based storage is the added security of having a dedicated team focused solely on keeping your data safe. Cloud providers reputations, and therefore the viability of their businesses, rely heavily on their ability to protect your confidential information so you can free up your tech team to perform other important tasks without compromising your trade secrets.


The age of cloud technology has also ushered in the ability to collaborate far more easily than ever before. Instead of sending files back and forth via email and ending up with multiple drafts that will inevitably get lost or confused, teams can now all cooperate within the one document at the same time. This saves time and money by eliminating confusion and improves cohesion because everyone has a live view of how the project is progressing.

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Reduced location restrictions.

Because you can take a cloud-based project almost anywhere an internet connection is available, teams no longer need to be in the same office, or even in the same state, to collaborate and communicate effectively. This means you can work from home just easily as you could in the same building as your boss or other team members and opens up a world of possibilities in regards to flexible work arrangements. It also means that those in remote areas can find and keep employment more easily as travel barriers are erased and those with young children, or other reasons to need to stay home, no longer have to give up their job if they don’t want to.

There are many more ways in which cloud computing is changing the way we work. The cloud is the way of the future, so if you haven’t already, properly educate yourself and implement the relevant systems in your workplace. You’ll save time and effort, boost team morale and you might even find your own inventive ways to use it that no one has thought of before which can give you a great edge on the competition.

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