Concept of Square Root and Cube Root

The reach of mathematics and its applications is vast and is used in every field. In daily life also, mathematics plays an important role. There are many concepts in mathematics and as one keeps on learning, more and more concepts keep on adding. However, there are some basic concepts that one should know well. Many concepts like Algebra, Venn diagrams, etc are widely used. Another important aspect is square root and cube root. 

The square of a number can be obtained by multiplying the number by itself. They are the easiest to calculate. For example, 2 * 2 = 4, 5 * 5 = 25, 9 * 9 = 81. The number obtained by multiplying the two numbers with each other is known as a perfect square. Squares are very important and they are used in real life also on multiple occasions. 

A square root is the reverse of the concept of squaring. For example, the square root of 9 is 3 which implies that by multiplying 3 by itself, 9 is obtained. There are many ways of finding a square root. To find a square root the exponent is ½.

Similarly, the cube of a number is obtained by multiplying the number by itself two times. For example, the cube of 3 will be obtained by multiplying 3 * 3 * 3. Thus, the cube of 3 will be 27. 

Cube root on the other hand is the reverse of cube root. For example, the cube root of 27is 3 which means that 3 was multiplied three times to obtain it. Its exponent is 1/3. 

  • Various applications of squares and square roots in real life are-
  • Estimating area of an apartment or a building-

Whenever there is an ad in a newspaper about an apartment or a building, the measurements are usually given in the form of a square if the shape of the building or apartment is square. For example, the area of the apartment is 625 sq feet. This means that the dimension of the apartment is 25* 25. This comes by square rooting 625. 

  • Period of the pendulum-

The period of the pendulum is also calculated using the calculation and method that involves squaring and square root.

  • Determining shadow-

Pythagoras theorem is widely used in the case of calculations. To find the length of a pole or a shadow, etc Pythagoras theorem is used and it involves squaring. Many calculations involving a triangle and calculating its dimension will involve squaring or square rooting of numbers. 

Squaring is a very important concept. Thus, it should be ensured that children are taught well in the beginning. It should be ensured that they get the right training from the very start. They can be taught at good schools, or their learning can be improved by sending them to a good mentor who can teach them and clear their basics. Apart from that, there are many math websites like Cuemath that teach students online and help students in learning concepts properly. 

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  • Practice question-

Practice makes a man perfect. If a person keeps on practicing, squaring becomes a cat’s walk. One can keep on solving practice questions to achieve mastery. 

  • Visual aids-

One can learn about concepts through watching videos and tutorials to understand better and to perform the calculations on their own. 

  • External help-

The other way is to send students to a good coaching center where they can learn properly and understand the concepts and how to use them for their calculations. 

It is thus evident that the concept of the square, square root, cube, and cube root is important. Also, they have a wide implication in real life. Thus, parents should ensure that their children learn concepts properly from the very start and they can use them properly as they grow. 

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