Could You Host a Roomer?

Could You Host a Roomer?

Taking a roomer is a great way to put your spare room to good use and earn a little extra cash too. Unlike short-term lets, roomers are much more likely to stay longer than a few months and many begin to feel like a part of the family. With this in mind, most people who choose to let a room are very picky about who is allowed to stay! 

Whether you are trying to save money or want an easy way to increase your income, taking a roomer is a great idea. For some elderly people living alone, a roomer may also provide some help around the house, though you would have to make this clear in your ad! 

So, let’s think about some practicalities and how to set up a room to impress the perfect roomer. 

Simple Fixtures and Fittings

Most roomers are looking for a space that they can make into their own. This is ideal for you because often this means a few neutral pieces and not much else. So, instead of agonizing over the kind of curtains you should put up a simple blind from Next Day Blinds would probably be more appropriate. Similarly, choosing a basic bed, wardrobe, and set of drawers is probably enough. 

White paint is usually the best way to go as it is clean and bright as well as cheap to buy and touch up. Wooden flooring or grey carpet is also advisable as both are neutral options and easy to clean. Neutrals like white and grey are also perfect for adding other colors to create a more personal touch so your roomer’s stuff won’t feel out of place.

Prepare the Rest of the House

While you might think you are only renting out a room, the reality is that your roomer is likely to spend time with you around the house. Social spaces like the living area, kitchen and bathroom will all need to be shared. It’s a good idea to go through your house and put any valuable items into safe storage before you start showing

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When you show the house, make it clear where your roomer can and can’t go and how you would expect to live together to work. Showing the house isn’t just about the practicalities, it is also about getting a feel for one another and trying to work out if you could live together happily. 

Create a Contract

Writing up and signing a contract is expected when you let out a room and will set down any house rules you have and when you expect rent to be paid. You can find example contracts online but it’s always best to seek legal advice to make sure that your contract is airtight.

When you write up your contract, you must make sure that you include all the rules you want to set down. Remember that this is your home so if someone can’t follow the rules, they aren’t going to be a good fit for you or your family. 

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