Decorating Your First Place on a Budget

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Moving into your first real place is an exciting time. One of the first steps after moving in is buying household essentials, furnishing the place and of course decorating your home so it feels like it is truly yours. If you are on a budget, here are four inexpensive but beautiful ways to decorate and furnish your home.

Never Pay Full Price

Whether you prefer a modern farmhouse look or contemporary design, you can find lots of options at discount home goods stores. There are many independent and chain retail locations that sell discount home good items as well as online retailers where you can save lots of money on high quality items. Discount stores will constantly have new stock coming in so be sure to regularly stop by to see what the perfect piece for your living space might be.

Shop Sales

There is always an abundance of individuals who are looking to sell items at great cost savings through in-person garage, yard or rummage sales. There are also opportunities to buy very high-quality pieces of furniture or decorative items at antique sales or estate sales. Finally, with the internet being how so many of us connect with the world, consider how many locations have online garage sales as well.

Do it Yourself

If you have a vision for a certain room or a certain piece in a room, consider buying an inexpensive item and then upgrading it through paint, new hardware or completely overhauling the skeleton structure to match your vision. Thanks to so many DIY videos on YouTube or online you can customize your decorations with a small investment in supplies and a can-do attitude willing to learn new skills. Thrift stores can have some great pieces to work with for achieving your desired end result.

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Decorate in Phases

As you determine the budget you will have to work with initially, think about what are needs vs. wants and then make a plan over time to add more fun or desired decoration and furnishing as you re-build savings and have more income to splurge. Remember that your home can evolve over time and that it is also common to have your style or look change over time too, particularly if you will stay in this home for years or even decades.

Furnishing and decorating your new home is one of the most fun parts of moving into a new place. Even if your budget is small, there are a variety of ways to achieve a beautiful haven for you to return to each day and enjoy for years to come.

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