Dental Implants: What You Need to Know as a Patient

Dental implants are a popular choice among patients who cannot wear dentures. They offer an alternative to patients who have mouth cancer or have suffered from an accident which caused them to lose their teeth. Dental implants are interesting due to the materials that they are made of. They mimic the natural tooth root. Hence, there is a need for dental implants to be made from the right materials to ensure that they are compatible with the patient’s jaw. It means that bone-like ceramic materials or titanium can be used as they perfectly fuse with the existing bone. If this is something that you’re considering, drop by the professional dental clinic in Las Vegas.

Why Do People Get Dental Implants?

One of the first things that you need to know as a patient is why people even need dental implants. The main reason behind the use of dental implants is because they serve as the roots for missing teeth. The implants are surgically placed in the jawbone and the titanium in the implants easily fuses with the jawbone to ensure that the implants do not end up slipping, causing bone damage, or making any noise. A great thing about dental implants is that they are made of materials which do not decay. If you are considering getting implants, you should consider the following.

  • Are you a non-smoker or user of tobacco products?
  • Can you commit a few months for the procedure to be completed?
  • Do you want to improve your speech?
  • Are you unwilling or unable to wear dentures?
  • Do you not have any health conditions which impact bone healing?
  • Are there healthy oral tissues?
  • Is there adequate bone structure to secure the dental implants or you can get a bone graft?
  • Do you have a jawbone which has reached its full growth?
  • Have you lost a tooth or more?

If the answer to any of the above is in the affirmative, dental implants are just what you need.

New York Total Dental’s website refers to restoring normal chewing function, preventing bone loss from degradation, and eliminating pain and irritation caused by dentures as some of the main benefits of implant dentistry among others.

Types of Dental Implants

When it comes to dental implants, there are various manufacturers and brands that are available worldwide. This is good news for dentists and patients alike as there are so many options to choose from. Thus, you have nothing to worry about as a patient since you will have no trouble finding something that suits you best. An experienced dentist will select the best dental implants for you. There are two types of dental implants as mentioned below.  

Two-Stage Implants

As you might have gotten an idea from the name, two-stage implants require two stages. The dentist would place the implants in the jawbone in the first stage. Then, the implants would be changed during the next session as the gum tissue would heal. You can also wear dentures during the initial period and after 3 to 6 months the dentist would perform another surgery once the implant has healed.

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Single-Stage Implants

Patients who do not have time to visit the dentist again tend to opt for single-stage implants. The single-stage implant procedure is done within the same day as the name suggests. Make sure to discuss this option with the dentist in detail as there are many points that need to be considered.

Dental Implant Surgery

Now that you know about why people get dental implants and their different types, it is important that you learn more about the surgery. Dental implant surgery involves the replacement of tooth roots with metal posts and the replacement of missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth so that they function and appear as real ones. Dental implant surgery offers an alternative to bridgework or dentures which do not fit well due to a lack of natural teeth roots.

The surgery is performed depending on the condition of the jawbone and the type of implant selected. It is possible for the surgery to involve different procedures. The main reason why dental implants are popular is because they help provide solid support to your new teeth.

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