Is Your Little One Dino-Obsessed? Check out These 7 Dino-Theme Gift Ideas

dino-theme gift

Is your little one passionate about all things pre-historic? Do they know their Tyrannosaurus Rex from their Telmatosaurus? Or do they like to keep you up to date with the latest dino facts? Kids have always had a passion and sincere curiosity when it comes to these pre-historic lizards. And it’s something that should definitely be encouraged!

A fascination with the past, the ability to learn facts and retain knowledge, the development of a strong attention span, and the ability to process information. All these are valid reasons why your child’s love for dinosaurs should be encouraged further. And if they have a birthday coming up and you’re looking for a gift they’ll love – discover a great range here at wicked uncle toys – then channeling their dino-obsession is the perfect solution. 

Read on for 7 dino-theme gift ideas, your little one will love. 

A dino-encyclopedia 

What better way to build on their fact knowledge then gifting them a book filled with dino-facts! Don’t worry if your little one isn’t an independent reader just yet, there are plenty of age-appropriate encyclopedias out there, with plenty of easy to read facts and gorgeously detailed pictures. You could even snuggle up and choose a new favorite dinosaur together. Your little one will love the one on one attention

Bedding and bedroom accessories

Ok, so it’s not the most exciting gift out there, but kitting out their room with some dinosaur themed bed sheets will always go down well. Think blankets, pillowcases, scatter cushions, rugs and even dinosaur lampshades. 


Whether they’re scribbling down all their new dino-facts or writing some stories about their pre-historic adventures, encourage their writing and creativity skills with some dinosaur themed stationery sets. Pens, pencils, crayons, pencil cases, coloring books, and activity pages – it’ll certainly keep them busy for a while.


Of course, getting clothes on their birthday might not always be number one on the things they want. But, if they’re covered in dinosaurs it makes it much more fun! New PJs, a dinosaur onesie, wellington boots, t-shirts, and even jeans with dinosaur motifs. They’ll look super scary and super cute at the same time.


Puzzles are great for building on your child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and shape recognition. It also challenges their problem-solving skills and at the same time, helps them to relax and focus on something away from a screen. You’ll find plenty of dinosaur-themed puzzles online or in your local toy store.

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Again, they fuel their imagination with some dinosaur book adventures. Reading together is great for building your relationship, and it also exposes your child to new words and expands their vocabulary. Reading together and asking questions about the plot or the characters helps their comprehension and understanding. It also helps with their listening skills. Gifting them some dino-stories for you to read together is a lovely gesture that they’ll adore! 

A trip to the museum 

What could be better than seeing dinosaur bones in real life? Take a trip to a museum with a great dinosaur exhibit and watch their little faces light up. It’s a great day out that you’ll both remember for a long time. 

dino-theme gift

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