Does Your Diaper Bag Need To Go On A Diet?

Does Your Diaper Bag Need To Go On A Diet?

By the end of pregnancy, you’re lugging a fair amount of weight. It can make every task a challenge, and it’s part of the reason why most moms wish their babies would come already. Pregnancy might have been fun in the early days, but the weight soon gets too bad to bear.

When your baby arrives, then, you may look forward to being able to walk without worry. But, then, you pile your diaper bag full and weigh yourself down in a different way. Is there no rest for new moms? Yes; and it comes in the form of a slimmed down diaper bag.

New and first-time moms have a habit of overdoing it on the diaper bag front. While you will need a decent supply, it’s essential to be practical. There’s no reason why you should lug a heavy bag around. If that’s your reality now, consider getting rid of the following.

A dozen diapers

We all make the mistake of overdoing diapers. You’ll convince yourself that your baby will have an accident if you don’t take enough. Most of us also insist on taking a diaper for every occasion. We stock up on sensitive and heavy-wear options just in case. As such, it isn’t unusual to carry upwards of ten diapers. Light as they are, that many can cause issues. In reality, you probably change your baby no more than every two hours. That means you only need around three-four diapers for a six-hour trip. Instead of packing every diaper under the sun, you should also seek one which serves all your needs. Once you find the perfect diaper for sensitive skin and regular wear, you won’t need to take the kitchen sink with you. As such, you’ll be able to lighten that load no end.

Does Your Diaper Bag Need To Go On A Diet?


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Diaper bag debacles

Most of us also carry entire rolls of diaper bags. Sadly, though, diaper bags are one of those baby products which we don’t actually need. Think about it; why would you need an entire roll of bags every single time you go out? It isn’t practical or necessary. In truth, a few sandwich bags at the bottom of your diaper bag will be enough here. Even carrying empty shopping bags would be fine for wrapping dirty diapers when out and about. So, ditch that heavy roll for these lightweight options now. You owe it to you back.

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The entire toy cupboard

Does Your Diaper Bag Need To Go On A Diet?

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We’ve all been there. You’re so worried about your baby making noise that you pack millions of toys. They’re the heaviest things in your diaper bag by far, and you can cut back a whole load here. More often than not, sticking with one or two lightweight toys will more than serve your needs. Options like colorful books or photo albums are ideal as they keep babies happy and don’t weigh that much. Pair them with the favorite toy your child always carries around, and you’ll never need to worry about the weight of your diaper bag again.


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