When You Don’t Know What to Bring – 6 Universal Christmas Gifts

6 Universal Christmas Gifts You Can Give This Year's Holiday Season

When You Don’t Know What to Bring: 6 Universal Christmas Gifts You Can Give This Year’s Holiday Season

When it’s that time of the year again to keep on giving, arming yourself with a fresh set of ideas is what you should probably do, just for the sake of mixing it up a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with a good old box of chocolates, but chances are you’re not the first person to have come up with the idea. So to stand out from the crowd, you need to think of something unique, yet universal enough to fit every occasion. Here are 6 cool ideas to get your creative juices running:

  1. Popcorn maker

Everybody loves popcorn! Not only is it tasty, but it’s also a much healthier alternative to other commonly-consumed movie snacks such as potato chips. Unlike most Christmas gifts, it’s suitable for all ages and no matter what the person’s interests may be, a popcorn maker is a universal hit. Simply put, no household is better off without it, and if you’re anxious to try it out as soon as the presents get opened, there’s hardly anything better than watching a movie with your loved ones while eating freshly-made popcorn. Yummy!

  1. Gift card

While most cultures out there would find it inappropriate to wrap up a money bill and leave it under the Christmas tree, there is an alternative that works quite similarly – a gift card. That way, the recipient gets to have a say in the specific gift that they receive. Whether it be a DVD, a book, a piece of clothing, or something else entirely, a gift card is a good way to play it safe while still a surefire way to make someone happy.

  1. Christmas sweaters

Honestly, what’s a holiday season without at least one sweater to keep you warm? Even the cheesy Christmas sweaters never get old. While the kids will probably be more receptive to them, the older generations often like to get reminded of what it was like to be a kid, so it’s sort of a nostalgic time travel to them.

  1. Slippers

Warming one’s feet during the colder months is what slippers are for. Due to the nature of how they’re made, they tend to get worn out after a couple of years, so gifting a pair is never a bad idea. Even if they’re not a good fit, if nothing else, they can be put in the closet and offered to the guests who enter the house, so it’s really hard to miss with them.

  1. Tickets to a show

Either that, or get them tickets to a sports game, cultural event, or a movie premiere. Simply use your best judgment and assess their interests in order to determine what would be a good fit. Since most of the people like movies, getting movie premiere tickets is a great universal gift worth giving.

  1. Board game

Playing a board game means fun times for all, especially when your friends and loved ones are visiting. These are a surefire hit among kids as well and don’t really have an age limit. Just make sure to pick something that people of all ages can enjoy, and there you have it – another perfectly suitable universal Christmas gift that also passes the uniqueness test.

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While these gift ideas are by no means the end of what you can do, they should be more than enough to get things started and get you moving in the right direction. After deciding how you’re going to surprise your loved ones this Christmas, planning and executing the perfect celebration is all that remains to be done.


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