Enjoying Life Living on a Shoestring Budget

Enjoying Life Living on a Shoestring Budget

Many people don’t have the money to go on extravagant vacations and purchase high-priced toys for their children. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy a comfortable lifestyle rich in love and family bonding. While having extra money makes it easier to pay bills each month, it doesn’t buy happiness. You can, however, reduce your debt and free up monies necessary to afford the basics and have a little left over to do family outings and play fun games together that won’t break the bank.

Borrowing Instead of Paying Late

From time to time most people need a little extra money to carry them through an expensive month. Instead of paying your bills late or even worse, missing a payment entirely, try borrowing the money from a friend or a family member. If that’s not an option available you can apply for a personal loan. If your credit isn’t good enough for a traditional bank loan, don’t fret, there are other places you can acquire a small amount of money. Many online companies offer easy to understand installment loans with affordable monthly payments. For the short term, they can really help you stay current on your bills and on track with your budget.  

Paying Bills on Time

If you currently live paycheck to paycheck, you probably experience a month or two where the money coming in isn’t enough to pay all the bills. Creating a budget will help you gradually remove yourself from the vicious cycle and allow you to pay your bills on time. Make a list of everything you owe and then deduct your net income. Hopefully, you have a surplus, no matter how small. Once you establish a budget you’ll have a better understanding of where all your money goes and be able to put the focus on slowly cleaning up the debt. With a monthly budget, you’ll also avoid making late payments, thus saving money.

Paying Less For Almost Everything

There’s no doubt about it, life is expensive. However, you can get most things for less than you must imagine. Food shopping can run a few hundred or even more each week for a family of four. Use the competitiveness of the shopping centers and other resources available to pay less. First, make a list of everything you need for the week and then check the flyers from the local supermarkets in your area. Unbelievably, they don’t always have the same items on sale. This can work to your advantage. After that, go online to one of the many free coupon sites and look for coupons to save even more on the items you need to buy. Do the same for things like clothing, toys and even large ticket items.

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Establishing a Savings Account

No matter how hard you try to pay your bills on time, if you don’t have a reserve of cash tucked away, you’ll end up falling behind. This is because life isn’t always predictable and things often happen suddenly that require an urgent response and money to fix it. The good news is that you can start slow. Take a few dollars a week and put it into a savings account for a rainy day. Committing to just twenty dollars weekly, in six months’ time, creates a nest egg of over five hundred dollars. For some, this is no small sum.

By creating a budget and finding creative ways to enjoy quality time together without overspending, you can live a good life filled with wonderful memories.

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