Four Reasons to Drop Fast Fashion


Today, getting your hands on the latest fashion has never been easier. But filling your wardrobe with fast fashion is both unsustainable and surprisingly expensive. Fast fashion might be the easiest and cheapest way of getting a new outfit in the short-term, but what’s the real cost? Instead, investing in high-quality, higher-value items is a much more positive strategy that will help you save money in the long run and ensure that your fashion choices are definitely more ethical. Here are some key reasons to consider dropping fast fashion and investing in designer outfits instead. 


Fast-fashion often relies on low-paid work and cheap, mass-produced materials. While the sector allows people to get the latest trends that they see online much faster and for much less, most people find that these clothing items aren’t durable. Once it’s gone off-trend, you’d be lucky to sell it for £1, and cheap clothing often doesn’t hold its shape, colour, or stitching for very long. On the other hand, investing some more in designer clothing from stores like this plus size boutique UK, means that you can enjoy fashion items that you can rely on to look and feel better for longer. 


Mass production often leads to unethical working conditions, which many of us might not be aware of when picking off-the-rack fast fashion pieces up to buy. But the truth is, there have been increasingly more news stories about fashion companies neglecting the working conditions of employees or underpaying workers. Simply not agreeing with these situations but continuing to purchase fast fashion is not enough. Changing your lifestyle choices and avoiding fast fashion is the best way to make a statement against the unethical behaviour of the fast fashion industry


While fast fashion outfits are often cheap to buy and can be a good way to save money on your next outfit in the short-term, the fact that these items are not very durable or long-lasting means that over time, you’ll end up spending more. People who buy fast fashion are more likely to fall into the trap of buying a new outfit for every occasion or shopping on a weekly basis for new clothes because the last ones that they bought are already wearing out. Investing in high-quality clothing might be costlier in the short-term, but over time, it allows you to save more money. 

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When you invest in high-quality clothing, you’re less likely to be concerned about the latest trends. You’ll want to buy items that are versatile and you can get the most wear out of, especially if you are investing quite a lot in some high-value fashion pieces. Over time, you’ll never struggle to find anything to wear in your wardrobe – by collecting high-quality fashion pieces that you can mix and match to create new outfits with, the choice is endless. 

Fast fashion might be the most convenient way to get a new outfit today, but is it really the best choice? While grabbing a cheap new fashion item is easy, the long-term effects are always worth considering.

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